Cordura Cares

In the summer of 2009, INVISTA’s CORDURA® brand team unveiled its new sustainability platform: The CORDURA CaresSM Program. The program is rooted in INVISTA’s commitment to environmental, health and safety excellence as well as its dedication to provide long-term value to society. INVISTA’s CORDURA® brand wanted to increase awareness of this program, initially in the outdoor industry, by highlighting its Corporate Citizenship pillar, in which INVISTA seeks to support its communities by becoming involved with people and the causes they value.

The Howard, Merrell & Partners public relations team helped INVISTA’s CORDURA® brand team identify that the outdoor industry had a need to increase interest in the outdoors, especially among youth.

The Howard, Merrell & Partners team linked INVISTA with the Outdoor Industry Association and CORDURA® brand goodwill ambassador, Helen Thayer, to launch the CORDURA CaresSM Program at the 2009 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market tradeshow. Thayer, an internationally renowned explorer, spoke about the importance of getting outdoors and caring for the environment at several community organizations throughout the Salt Lake City area. The team also developed press releases, and conducted media relations to help maximize exposure of Thayer’s events.

Since launching in August 2009, the Howard, Merrell & Partners public relations team secured 28 media placements in print, online, radio and television obtaining 1,692,182 CORDURA CaresSM impressions. Thayer, in connection with the CORDURA CaresSM program, has made 11 public speaking engagements, to more than 1,400 attendees about the importance of getting outdoors and caring for the environment, on behalf of the CORDURA® brand.