Have You Herd

BASF Plant Science needed to communicate directly with dairy influencers such as nutritionists and veterinarians, both key gatekeepers for producers who might be interested in its NutriDense® Silage brand.

HM&P created a technical eNewsletter entitled “Have You Herd?” The eNewsletter is versioned to accommodate different geographies.

The eNewsletter is distributed bi-monthly to a targeted distribution list of influencers. The eNewsletter content includes articles written by BASF Plant Science nutritionists and agronomists, and links to recent news posted on the NutriDense blog.

Since the launch of the eNewsletter in 2009, less than one percent of recipients have unsubscribed. Open rates range from 23-28 percent, and 18-33 percent of recipients click a link for more information. The eNewsletter has proved to be a useful tool for the NutriDense field team, as they consistently report communication from key influencers after each edition is distributed.