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The Share Economy

Brian Solis recently published an article addressing the shift of referral traffic from traditional search to social networks. He notes that more people are sharing and finding resources using various social sources.  Again, the trust factor comes in to play as people are more likely to take recommendations (in the form of links, brand mentions, product reviews) from peers than from a paid search or faceless results page.  Search optimization cannot be ignored outside of the traditional big-name engines.

A few of my favorite points from the article:

  • In the share economy, currency is defined by likes, links, retweets, updates, comments, shares on Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, MySpace, et al.
  • With the advent of social feeds… consumers can more easily rely on trusted personal relationships to determine what’s worthwhile to read, watch, play and buy online.
  • Create paths that define and engender the experience you desire with destinations and calls to action integrated to close the loop.
  • By creating a connected social experience, we activate our content and community and empower a new genre of branded information catalysts.

2 Responses to “The Share Economy”

  1. Tara Maxwell says:

    Great information, Sarah! I knew that many more people were using social networks for finding articles and doing research, but I had no idea that there was such a huge shift of referral traffic from traditional search to social networks.

  2. hmandp says:

    USA Today’s referral traffic? 32% #socialmedia, 6% Google. More from @briansolis: (via @sfindle)
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