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Personalized infographics

I love a good infographic – from The State of the Internet and Fanboys: A Field Guide to Facebook’s Maze of Privacy Settings and Sci-Fi Movie Quotes in graphic form – I like getting statistical information in an easy-to-understand, well-designed (and sometimes humorous) snapshot.

You’ll notice all of the infographics above link to Cool Infographics, one of my favorite blogs to mine for new images. It alerted me to Ionz, a digital branding company that has an interactive, DIY infographic creator set up on its site.

Nearly 66,000 people have created their own, and the statistics show how you stack up against them. I answered nine questions on everything from my favorite animal and meal to the number of hours I spend on the Internet, uploaded a picture, et voilĂ :


Create your own on the Ionz site.

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  1. hmandp says:

    Create your own personalized infographic – @KarlieJ tries it out: #socialmedia #infographic
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