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Geocaching: Location-Based Technology Treasure Hunt

Interested in travel, networking and treasure hunting? Do you have a GPS device and Internet access? If the answers to these questions are yes, then geocaching is the location-based game for you!

According to,, the game is a high-tech treasure hunt where you are the search engine. You locate caches, physical objects, such as a CD, by GPS coordinates found on the hunt’s website. Players are then encouraged to share the geocaches with others on the hunt website.

Here are a few more rules:

  • When you are close to the cache then you will have to find it without the help of your GPS.
  • You may take the cache, as long as you replace it with another object. If you do not have a replacement cache then put the cache back where it was hidden.

As a social media advocate, I think geocaching is a unique and fun way to participate in a social network. With the rise of location-based technology, people are able to connect through social media without having to sit at home in front of their computers. Unlike other social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter, location-based technology allows you to move around in the physical environment rather than a virtual world.

For more information on geocaching, check out this video: YouTube Preview Image.

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