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Denver is Spreading Wellness!

Members of the HM&P public relations and social media teams headed to Denver at the end of September to motivate the community to wash their hands — and remind the person next to them to do the same. The week of events were part of Spread Wellness, an education campaign from our client Georgia-Pacific Professional.

While there we promoted proper hand hygiene practices with a sanitizer giveaway on Denver’s 16th Street Mall, sanitizer donations to a local children’s hospital and libraries, hand washing presentations at schools from the Georgia-Pacific Professional character Mo, a tweetup and photo opportunities all over the city!

Speaking of hand hygiene, it’s flu season. Always follow the CDC guidelines for washing your hands. I know our team here at HM&P does! In fact, we’re Wellness Ambassadors! Sign up at Learn more about good hand washing practices at the Spread Wellness Facebook page.

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