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Social Media and Your Job Search

I had the privilege to present at Elon University‘s Professional Discovery Week yesterday about the topic of using social media in your job search. My own job search story is a testament to the power of social media in the job search. My relationship, and eventual employment, with Howard Merrell & Partners started with a simple Direct Message to our former Social Media Marketing Manager, Kipp Bodnar:

In my presentation, I broke the process down into four key focus areas:


  • Establish your personal brand. Market yourself as you would a client or product. What is your message to potential employers?
  • Make your Google search results relevant by creating social profiles, an online portfolio and a blog
  • Transparency is key. Expect that anything you post online will be or could be public at some point. Keep your profiles open


  • Follow industry influencers and companies on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Read relevant blogs on a daily basis and become familiar with blogging styles and platforms
  • Use hashtags to follow conversation at conferences, events and industry chats


  • Use social media to search for job openings
  • Follow job and career related blogs
  • Look for blogs specific to your industry, or the geographic location where you are focusing your job search


  • Take the leap and join the conversation in your industry of interest
  • Meet people in person who you have begun following online. See who is attending conferences or is located in your city

Click here for my full presentation and resource list.

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