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Weekly Wrap Up #9

1. Purchasing funnel for the ‘New Social Consumer’

Social media has infiltrated the purchasing funnel, helping consumers make informed decisions, from what to have for lunch to where to go on vacation. Depending on the decision, sometimes you turn to your social graph, and sometimes you turn to Google. What online channels should you be targeting in order to reach the perfect audience for your product? M Booth and Beyond took a look inside the “new social consumer” to find out how they research products and services online. Check out the full infographic at Mashable.

2. Mobile marketing is becoming a necessity, quickly

It’s clear more than ever that businesses need to establish a mobile presence, and now. According to AdWeek, search volume is growing rapidly and over the past two years, Google has seen mobile search queries grow fivefold—a growth rate Surojit Chatterjee, Google’s lead product manager compares to the early days of desktop search. And the impact on brand decisions is evident: “Users are looking at the mobile site to make conclusions about the business as a whole,” Chatterjee said. “How good your site looks on mobile determines how people think about your business.”

3. How to reach the most fans via Facebook posts and when?

How frequently should I post on my Facebook page? When is the best time to post?” According to Jeff Widman, co-founder of PageLever and Facebook analytics expert, the key is to post whenever the most recent status update for your page stops showing up in your fans’ News Feeds. Ah, but how do you know when this happens? When you track your posts’ performance, you’ll be able to see, in real-time, when that post drops out of the News Feed. Find out more at Mashable and check out the best times to post at Argyle Social.

4. Building Brand Loyalty in a Discount Obsessed Market

The online shopping trend is conditioning consumers to only make a purchase if there is a deep discount, resulting in a value-obsessed economy where consumers have no incentive to be loyal to any particular brand. Businesses are finding out the hard way: According to a study by Rice University, 40 percent of businesses would not offer another Groupon deal again and many companies have noticed that this new wave of online shopping does nothing to encourage brand loyalty. So how do you encourage brand loyalty despite this cycle? According to one CEO, keep value high, engage your customers, solicit feedback from customers, give them a reason to come back, stay relevant, provide value, and show your appreciation.

5. Innovation: Interactive Exhibit Tests Museum-Goers

German artist Carsten Höller’s exhibition “Experience” at the New Museum in Manhattan is certainly mind altering. The exhibit features a 102-foot-long tube slide that runs through the exhibition spaces from the fourth floor to the second and is equipped with headgear that switches your vision upside down, an infrared room, a mirrored carousel and a sensory deprivation tank. It’s ideas like these that really get our brains’ wheels moving.

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