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Weekly Wrap Up #17

This week we introduce a few new, great things. We’ve got February, which gives us Valentines Day,  a couple new hires here at HM&P, a promotion, as well as Super Bowl Sunday (where we get to watch the best in TV ads). So today we take a look at the work-week that was.

1. Their Super Bowl ads were a hit, but how did Chrysler, Groupon, others fare after the game?

With ads spending in the hundreds of millions for a 30-second spot, the investment is large, but how is the return? In the case of our dearly beloved Star Wars boy in the Passat spot for Volkswagen, “The Passat went on sale in the summer and has been a popular seller for Volkswagen in the U.S. In December, for example, volume sales of the sedan more than doubled to nearly 23,000 for the year.”

But who else did well in the last Super Bowl?

2. Twitter Analytical Tools Threaten Third-Party Developers

Twitter’s promise of adding analytics tools to the ensemble of offerings given by third-party providers – as well as their own services – is one that has the possibility of punching holes into competitors, too!  Twitter’s addition of analytics affects any social media tool which gives access to these insights, including: Hootsuite,, and even Klout.

3. Why Small Business Saturday Should Be a Year-Round Event

I remember when this came around. I was sitting at my friend’s bar, and I saw a Fourquare deal that was $10 off $100 (or something along those lines), and I thought, “WOAH! 100% Discount?!” But I also got caught off guard, I thought why is he offering a 100% deal the guy barely knows social media. Then I remembered that it was Small Business Saturday (D’oh!).

But Small Business Saturday is American Express’ way to show their love for small businesses. AmEx is a strong supporter of small biz, and looks for any reason to support the reason for many people’s jobs. In this article American Express promotes small businesses and the reason for thriving local communities. So this weekend, spend some money locally.

4. Jan 2012 Jobs Report: Finally, Good News

Three years of depressing jobs reports have finally led to some relief. The best report since Feb. 2009. The key points:

  • Unemployment dropped to 8.3%
  • 60,000 more jobs than expected were created
  • Average earnings have increased 1.9%

5. Super Bowl Ads – Previews!

My friend Jim Tobin, has aken the time to collect the array of Super Bowl ads that have been pre-released. Granted – I’m curious to see how pre-showing the ads will work towards the launch of the ads during the game.

A couple of my personal favorites are below, but see Jim’s full collection of YouTube Super Bowl XLVI Ads.

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

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