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Weekly Wrap Up #18

Break out the virtual flowers and mobile apps – Valentine’s Day is nearly here! Here’s what we found when we went looking for love in cyberspace.

1. The Sweetest Mobile Apps Available for Valentine’s Day

Why leave your love life up to Cupid, when you can start searching for love from the palm of your hand? Thanks to the makers of the iPhone and Android, you can search for your soul mate with a couple pokes of the keypad. Through our mobile applications, we can now find partners with mutual interests, reserve a romantic table at the sexiest restaurant, or fondle fingers with someone special. Check out this article from the Chicago Tribune to learn how to find these scorching apps!

2. Ken and Barbie: Reunited

Cue the screaming. It’s true. After much anticipation and many years of waiting, it seems as though Barbie is ready to let Ken out of the doghouse and back into the dollhouse. After breaking up on Valentine’s Day 2004, the Barbie franchise hasn’t been the same. Now, Mattel is finally giving the dream couple a chance at reuniting with the help from the social media universe. Fans will vote at for a chance at seeing the famous duo rekindle their plastic flame.

3. Free Flowers, That Won’t Die?

Stop wasting your money on overpriced flowers that die as soon as you leave the store. Thanks to Mulberry, this year you can send your sweetie a virtual valentine complete with a digital flower that blooms on arrival. Created by digital artist Daniel Brown, Mulberry Loveblossoms, allows you to choose a “seed” from Mulberry’s Spring/Summer collection, “plant it,” and send it to your Valentine either secretly or via Facebook or Twitter.

4. Angry Birds Gets a Little Sweeter

What could be more romantic than playing Angry Birds on Facebook with your sweetheart or with a social network of relative strangers? Angry Birds is readying to launching their Valentine’s Day edition on Feb. 14, allowing lovers worldwide to sling pigs and anger birds in the name of love.

5. 12 Pinterest Boards for Valentine’s Day Inspiration

Still racking your brain on what to get your sweetie for Valentine’s Day? No worries, Pinterest is here to help you pinpoint the perfect gift for your partner. Ranging from a crocodile valentine, to a heart-shaped Sweetheart cookie, these Pinterest boards will jump-start your creativity when it comes to Valentine’s Day.


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