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3 Myths Busted by B2B Social Media

This past month HM&P had the opportunity to bring back two former employees, Jeff Cohen (@jeffreylcohen) and Kipp Bodnar (@kippbodnar) to HM&P headquarters to share insights from their new book The Social Media B2B. Kicking off their book tour, they stopped off here at their old stomping grounds to give our team a presentation on the state of B2B Social Media. In the next few weeks, we will be sharing key takeaways from our session.  We hope you enjoy these insights and gain a new perspective on social media and it’s role within the B2B space.

Of the many myths that surround social media, Jeff and Kip aptly debunked the following:

1.  Social Media Is An Expense

Common questions asked by those approving our marketing budgets include: “How much does a Tweet cost?” or “What is the cost of a new ’like’?” Many look at social media marketing as an expense. But unlike some marketing expenses that depreciate quickly and no longer provide a return after a limited period, social media marketing has the ability to provide ongoing regeneration. An old blog post can be repurposed, or updated. A Facebook post can be featured anew and a tweet can be retweeted.

Additionally, any social media effort should complement your offline efforts. Are you selling t-shirts? Have a flyer, or poster with a QR code? How does social media provide an asset to those ongoing efforts? They should all align with your campaign in order to provide leads.

2. Social Media Is About Strict Targeting

Tom Webster brought up an incredible point not too long ago. The more you target, the more you leave out the potential for opportunity. Why is this? If you optimize for one aspect, you start focusing too much on it. Then you focus on the benefits within that benefit, and so on and so forth.  Eventually you start hurting your efforts rather than optimizing them.

In fact, social media is about REACH. Social media rewards reach. From Google’s search algorithm to Facebook’s EdgeRank — the more you interact, engage, and provide a value to your followers the stronger the likelihood you will appear higher in these rankings. So hit multiple targets and broaden your reach. After all, social reach is the new word-of-mouth engine. Leverage it. Just because one person doesn’t participate in a particular topic doesn’t mean they don’t have a friend who does. Use word of mouth to get where you need to be.

3. Just Share Stuff About “Us”

False. Plain and simple.  Remember what we discussed about reach? Build a broad audience and embrace what is happening in your industry. Innovation, breaking news, new research — many, many things happen every day. The availability of content for you to curate and redistribute to your followers offers the opportunity to increase your own visibility and reach. Why limit yourself to only your own “owned” content?

Think about this stat: the shelf life of a tweet with a link is three hours. You can either tweet the same thing time and time again, or find a plethora of content to aid you in your content strategy. Remember though, that what you publish should provide value to the readers of your content. While the random video or picture works well, be sure to include informative, relevant information.

Next time you’re engaging with your Facebook fans or Twitter followers, keep these three myths in mind. How will you address them? How will you push your marketing into the next era?



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