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Weekly Wrap Up #28

As the week comes to an end and the sweet smell of weekend bliss fills the office, take a moment to reminisce on this week’s hottest stories!

Incredibly Detailed Ink Illustrations

What is doodling? Maybe, it’s what happens when both your mind and pen begin to wander during a less-than exciting meeting. Perhaps, doodling is a form of relaxation when the work day is beginning to wind down and you’re brain switches into hibernation mode. Latvia-based artist Alex Konahin is putting doodlers to shame with his series of three-dimensional drawings, created through the simple tools of a black pen and hard work. Take a look!

Advertising in the A.M.

Have you ever stopped and thought about the amount of advertising you are exposed to on a daily basis?  Probably not. Thankfully, Talent Zoo is breaking down our daily routines and opening our eyes to the constant flow of advertising being pumped into our minds. They’re examining everything from your morning cup of Joe to the songs jamming on the radio during your morning commute to work!

Skype Lands on the PlayStation Vita With Video Calls

Don’t you hate it when you’re in the middle of saving planet Earth from an alien invasion and you’re interrupted by a pesky phone call? Yeah, it’s a bummer. Well, thanks to the geniuses at Skype and PlayStation, you won’t have to choose between answering a call and saving the planet from complete annihilation. Skype and PlayStation have teamed up, allowing you to pause your planet-saving mission and answer the interrupting phone call. Mission complete.

Scientists Unveil Mind-Controlled Robot

Scientists in Switzerland have unveiled the latest in robotic technology, a robot that is manipulated through one’s thoughts. Through thinking the commands, the robot can be controlled through simple instructions such as which direction to turn. With the hopes of one day serving people with severe immobilizing disabilities, the scientists believe that the robot avatars will eventually help the disabled to interact with their surrounding environments.

Google Street View Investigation by U.S. Declared Closed

With a $25,000 fine and a teeny-tiny slap on the wrist, the federal investigation into illegal and unwanted Google Street View data collection is officially closed. Google came under fire in May 2011 for their unwanted data collection of emails and text messages, passwords, and Internet-usage history through their specially-equipped Google cruisers aimed at collecting information for Google Street View. A $25,000 fine later and a pinky-promise to be good, Google is set free to roam the streets and we’re left wondering if Google is watching.

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