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Content Shock: What Is It And How Can You Avoid It?

Digital content marketingContent shock occurs when exponentially increasing volumes of content surpass our limited human capacity to consume it. With the explosion of web-based technology and mobility, the volume of free content out there is exploding at an unprecedented rate. Some studies suggest that the amount of content is doubling every 9 to 12 months. Crazy, right?

Our ability to consume that content is finite. We only have so many hours in the day to surf the web, read blog posts and interact with social media. This intersection of finite content consumption and rising content availability will create a tremor known as content shock.

How can you avoid it?

A large portion of your audience will find you through search. Search engines used to work by matching the user’s search with words on the page – known as keyword or pattern match searching. As of late 2013, semantic search became widely available, and has gotten even smarter at guessing what the user is looking for.

One of the best ways to avoid content shock is to create content that will rank high in semantic search engine results. There are many factors that determine successful search rankings. Here are a few worth paying attention to:

  1. Create click-worthy content – content that people want to see
  2. Create content regularly – frequently-updated sites rank higher in results
  3. Link to popular, high-quality sources. Users choose sites that are of value and are easy to use.
  4. Make sure your page is well organized and hierarchical


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