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Week In Marketing: Angry Tweets, Media Training, Women’s Day, Disney and Cuervo Marketing

Trigger Turns Angry Tweets into Charity Donations
The new donation platform, Trigger helps users turn a moment of anger into an opportunity for charitable giving just by replying. The app offers a refreshing, yet passive aggressive way for users to respond to tweets that anger them. Creator Isaac Alfton was inspired by the elevated tensions on social media accounts after the Presidential election. To use Trigger, Twitter users simply reply to the tweet with a dollar amount, the handle of a U.S. nonprofit and the hashtag #TriggerGive.

Importance of Media Training
Why is media training so important? Ask President Trumps adviser Kellyanne Conway. She is still adjusting to life in the public eye. In her interview with CBS, she discussed the adjustment to the scrutiny, also noting she is one of the only White House staff members to have around-the-clock secret service. Conway compared her mistake to the Oscars mix-up saying, “I see mistakes on TV every single day and people brush them off.”

International Women’s Day
From Google to Snapchat to Facebook, these social media platforms have dedicated features to honor International Women’s Day 2017. For 24-hours, Facebook hosted a global live stream event featuring women entrepreneurs, policy makers, and leaders with the hashtag #SheMeansBusiness. Facebook also invited women from all over the world to join the conversation by posting their own videos.

Disney Reveals its First Openly Gay Character
A marketing ploy? Bill Condon, director of the highly anticipated ‘Beauty and the Beast’ remake announced it will feature Disney’s first openly gay character. The 1991, original film showed the character LeFou as Gaston’s sidekick, who seemed to only feel admiration for the masculine character. In contrast, the remake shows LeFou accepting his sexuality; one day he wants to be Gaston and on another, he wants to kiss Gaston. Watch the movie to see what happens!

‘Tomorrow Is Overrated’
Jose Cuervo’s new brand campaigns tagline ‘Tomorrow is Overrated’ playfully challenges the audience to live in the moment. The company wants customers to view tequila as celebratory, rather than relate it to something sad. The campaign shows a couple in a local bar with a tornado destroying their town. Their goal is for customers not to worry about the responsibilities of tomorrow, and simply commit to having fun no matter what because #TomorrowIsOverrated.

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