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A Pi Day Throw Down

happyPIDayWorking in marketing and advertising, we deal with numbers everyday. Whether we are making sure our ads are the correct specs, budgeting client projects, managing social media ad spends or crunching numbers for quarterly reports- math is part of the job. And while we may not use the mathematical constant π in our daily activities, we respect and celebrate its significance, especially when it’s in the form of PIE.

Since 2009, Pi Day has been observed on March 14 since 3, 1 and 4 are the first three significant digits of π. We can thank the U.S. House of Representatives for that! So when Pi Day came along, I wanted to throw a Pi Day party – partly because I work on STEM Premier (seriously, check them out; they’re pretty cool), but mostly because I really like pie.

It took no time for the rest of the agency to get on board and in less than an hour, I had folks signing up for pies left and right. Lemon, apple, sweet potato, chocolate-raspberry ganache, key lime, chocolate chess and even Moon Pies (yes, you read that right) were all accounted for. And at 3:14 p.m. on 3/14, we feasted!

To see the full pie line-up, head over to our Facebook.



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