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Week In Marketing: Edible Bottles, PR Disasters, #NuggsForCarter, Chobani Comeback

Environmental-Friendly Alternative to Plastic Bottles
The Skipping Rocks Lab has created a new edible water bottle out of 10% biodegradable brown algae as an environmental-friendly alternative to plastic bottles. Ooho, the sea-weed based capsule is safe for consumption, can be flavored and colored. The ‘orbs’ are being tested at sporting events now. Can’t wait to see how they market this product!

United Airline’s PR Disaster
The airline company is in hot water after the video of a passenger being forcefully removed from a flight due to overbooking. The video surfaced on Facebook and was met with outrage online and in the media. The day after the incident the CEO apologized for the mistake, and again the internet went wild. Now, CEO Oscar Munoz has issued a second, true apology. United Airlines has lost $800 million in value and potentially done irreversible damage to their brand.

Did Pepsi Do It Right?
Between Pepsi and United Airlines, April has been quite the month for PR disasters. Although Pepsi responded quickly, and removed the commercial could they have still succeeded in marketing their product and brand? Despite the backlash the beverage company made headlines and trended on social media, which could be considered as an adverse success. What do you think?

New Marketing Campaign Brings People Together
Can a new marketing campaign help a company after a mold-related recall? The Greek yogurt company, Chobani, hopes so. It just introduced a new brand marketing campaign after being featured on “60 Minutes.” Check out the “Believe in Food” campaign with the tagline “Food brings us together”.

Take Notice: #NuggsForCarter has become a movement on Twitter
Wendy’s simple, one-off response to a once-little-known Twitter user, could improbably set a new social media benchmark, say social media experts. When Carter Wilkerson, a 16-year-old high-school student from Reno, Nevada, asked the fast-food chain how many retweets it would take to get free chicken nuggets for a year, Wendy’s replied in its usual cheeky and sassy brand voice: “18 million.” The teen answered, “Consider it done.” Wilkerson has become something of a celebrity. The hashtag #NuggsForCarter has become a movement on Twitter, and the teen has been profiled by a number of media outlets.

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