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Week in Marketing for Week of July 9, 2017

Uber Earns Forgiveness from Millennials Despite Their Year of PR Mishaps

Convenience and affordability reign over ethical considerations when it comes to breaking down Millennials perception of brands. Uber, after a series of seemingly unforgivable PR mistakes, has been named the #1 Most Improved Brand according to YouGov BrandIndex. Are millennials too disconnected from their moral compasses for the sake of convenience?


Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Others Get Political in Light of #NetNeutrality

Whether a promoted hashtag or a banner above your Netflix show, it is likely that you have seen digital brands advocating for Net Neutrality. Companies that exist and have thrived thanks to free, unrestricted access to the Internet are ensuring that their voices are being heard.

How Much Unicorn is Too Much Unicorn?

The internet practically broke this Spring when Starbucks introduced their Unicorn Frappuccino. According to Google Trends, April 2017 marked the all-time high of Google searches for the mythical creature. Companies across the country latched on to America’s unicorn infatuation, plastering their stores, ads, and social media with new unicorn-themed products.

Facebook Starts Placing Ads in Messenger App

Facebook has exhausted all possible ad spots in their main application, so they have moved on to planting advertisements amongst user’s lists of conversations. Will users find this too invasive, or will they appreciate seeing relevant ads in a unique place?

B2B Marketers Should Be Taking Notes From Netflix and Disney

Netflix and Disney have proven successful over the years by focusing on a few important aspects of their work: do fewer things better, harp on familiarity not originality, extend the money-making ideas as long as possible. If marketers took these concepts and applied them to their campaigns, the ROI could be exponential.

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