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Using Mobile To Enhance The Effectiveness Of Brick And Mortar Retail

Since the arrival of online shopping, brick and mortar stores have struggled to maintain their traffic and sales numbers. Online shopping is easier, and usually less expensive. So how are retailers supposed to keep up? Many brands have capitalized on the massive increase in smartphone usage in order to attract new customers and enhance the in-store shopping experience. Here are some examples of some cutting-edge brands that are connecting the online and in-store experiences for their customers. More »

We’d like to thank the people in the balcony.

It was a good week for Howard/Merrell creative. We found out we won two W3 Awards – one for our KIOTI Tractor website and one for our KIOTI tractor UFO digital banner ad. We also heard our Cheese Grater ad for CORDURA fabric won a Graphis Award. It’s nice to see all the hard work by so many team members recognized in such a positive way by industry experts. It’s even nicer to know that our work stacks up against work being done from all around the world. Great job everybody. And congratulations to all our friends at KIOTI tractors and CORDURA fabric. We couldn’t have done it without you.


















Cheers to 30 Years, Denise!

This year marks a major milestone for our Digital Art Production Manager, Denise Lingenfelser, as she celebrates her 30-year anniversary at Howard, Merrell & Partners. During her time at the agency, Denise has witnessed tremendous growth for both the agency and the advertising industry.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #88

This week’s wrap-up highlights the importance of social media platforms with brand recognition, and touches on criticism of the giant advertising conglomeration deemed “OmniPub.” Enjoy and happy Friday!

1. LinkedIn Introduces Analytic Support For Company Pages
Businesses now have the ability to track how and when their content is shared on LinkedIn. This new capability will allow company pages to dive into which posts and content receive the most engagement, as well as help show demographics that follow their brand. By measuring LinkedIn traffic with the new tool, businesses are expected to have more options when exploring market research. Get all of the details at Mashable.

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Word Of Mouth Advertising On Social Media

Which would you trust more? A print ad testimonial from a paid actor talking about how great their experience was with a product, or your friend describing their experience with the same product?  Almost any of us would trust our friend over a paid advertisement. Word of mouth is one of the oldest and most trusted forms of advertising, which can be extremely beneficial or detrimental to your brand. More »

We Are Looking For A Top Notch Account Coordinator

We’ve created an environment based on the belief that there are no challenges that can’t be met, no problems that can’t be solved, and no conventions that can’t be broken. Our drive, determination and unique methodology and approaches have created solutions that have sustained our agency for more than sixty-five years.

Creating groundbreaking work that drives sales is what we strive for – on every project, on every brand and on every client.

Does this sound interesting? Then we should talk. We currently have an Account Coordinator position open.

What the AC is responsible for:
• Communicating and meeting with clients, vendors and different departments within the agency
• Clearly and in a timely manner communicating changes/approvals from client to team
• Developing work orders for new projects
• Communicating with Project Management to ensure all timelines are met and projects stay within budget
• Writing and editing documents and communications
• Scheduling and participating in client meetings
• Updating job status reports and client databases
• Administering projects

We are looking for someone with:
• Bachelors degree and at least one marketing internship
• Excellent communication skills
• The ability to be a team player and collaborate with mutli-discipline teammates
• Organizational skills, the ability to multi-task and prioritize
• The ability to act with professionalism and maturity in day-to-day client interaction
• Detail orientation and the ability to keep projects on track
• The ability to actively listen, is an excellent note taker, who knows how to comprehensively yet succinctly sum up meetings and next steps
• Fluency in Powerpoint and Excel
• An optimistic mindset – who lifts those around them up, makes a positive contribution to agency culture and the business they are assigned to

Send cover letter and resume to:

Honest Advertising: The Value Of Genuineness

Fifty years ago, television commercials sold consumers a dream. Advertising executives like those on Mad Men created fantasies of fast cars, beautiful women, and luxurious lifestyles. These over-promotional advertisements were hardly genuine, promoting an ideal that was unattainable for most. More »

More on Vines

Mashable put together some great tips on creating Vines. Good stuff, whether you’re doing them for a client or just for fun.

Some COOL Typography

Here are some inspirational type treatments. It’s a nice reminder that interesting typefaces don’t always have to come from a keyboard. This artist uses objects that help tell a story and capture the true meaning of the word they represent. Here at HM&P we strive to keep up with the newest trends in all aspects of design, and font design is a key component. The right typeface can make a headline sing and really stand out. This artist’s work really stands out. His name is Sean Freeman. Check out more of his work here.

Our Newest Client: KIOTI Tractor

KIOTI Tractor Logo

We are pleased to announce that we’ve been selected by KIOTI Tractor to be their agency of record. HM&P is providing a fully integrated communications campaign for the US and Canada.

Operating in North America since 1985, KIOTI focuses on compact tractors and UTVs, which is the fastest growing segment of an industry that retails nearly 200,000 units annually. KIOTI is well established in North America, with a network of over 300 dealers, but desires to take its current success to the next level. That is why they have contracted with us. The compact tractor marketplace, particularly in the US, is aggressive, with more marketing communications being leveled at consumers than in any other region of the world. Seeking an integrated marketing and communications partner, KIOTI carefully selected HM&P to help drive sales and capture market share.

As a first step, we worked with KIOTI to create a tighter definition of the KIOTI brand and targeted audiences, developed a new brand platform (which is a unique tool created by HM&P) and implemented a fully integrated marketing plan, complete with advertising, interactive, media planning and buying, as well as public relations services.

A cornerstone of the plan is an engaging and dynamic KIOTI website – – which we both designed and built. KIOTI’s target is the “rural lifestyle farmer”, folks that farm as a lifestyle choice not a vocation. Knowing that the target audience is well-educated and web savvy, we designed the website to adapt to every type of web technology – tablets, smartphones, desktops, iPads and more – and employ the ease of navigation based on VOC (voice-of-the consumer) knowledge that makes the web most effective.

As agency of record, HM&P is in the process of designing a new creative look and tone, one with personality and distinction that will cut through the clutter of the marketplace. The far-reaching media plan leverages a limited budget for maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and a surprising amount of value-add. The PR campaign efforts entail strategic media relations, tradeshow publicity and thought leadership efforts.

Perhaps KIOTI’s CEO Peter Kim provides the best summary of HM&P’s role with the company:

We intend to achieve significant growth in the next two years. To do that we need an advertising and PR partner that is capable of vision, dedicated to excellence and committed to cost effective options. HM&P is the perfect choice for us.

For more information about the HM&P-KIOTI relationship, check out the press release.