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Howard/Merrell Taps into Emotion in Latest Kioti Tractor Ad. Not bad.

Television ad shot in North Carolina. Production Company – Element Productions. Director – Charles Wittenmeier. A son turns his father into a Kioti Tractor lover.

Calling All Intern Candidates!

HowardMerrell intern

Are you a responsible, motivated, hardworking individual? Do you like to write, conduct research on the internet, and do some creative thinking? Are you ready to get some hands-on experience in the field of Public Relations, Social Media or Advertising? If so, you should consider applying for an internship with us this summer.

We are looking for interns to work 10 – 25 hours a week. We prefer students who have taken a few communications classes and/or have some previous internship experience.

If you are an eligible candidate, please send your resume to

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Week In Marketing: Content Strategy, Google Algorithm, Social Media, Amazon Drones


1. Starbucks’ “Race Together” Campaign Backfires
Starbucks’ “Race Together” campaign was created to get customers talking about racial issues, as baristas were encouraged to write the words “Race Together” on the coffee cups. The campaign has been criticized on Twitter using #RaceTogether, mainly targeting their lack of diversity in leadership and the locations of their stores. Starbucks has previously raised social issues such as gay rights and guns, which had been received positively by its widely liberal audience.

2. Disappearing Content
Content marketing requires strategy and attention to detail. But even after you publishing your article, it’s important to keep up your visibility as social streams move quickly through content. There are various ways to keep your content from disappearing into the stream of content and allow it to be continually found.

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Market Research: 6 Questions to Answer Before Creating an Ad Campaign

Over the years,advertising that targets customers market research has proven itself to be an invaluable asset to the ad industry, but what exactly makes it so beneficial?

Market research can answer questions that ultimately save a company both time and money. While market research offers a wide variety of solutions, one of the most important outcomes is that it guides the creation of highly targeted advertising campaigns. This allows a business to communicate directly with their target audience and to know what types of media and content both reach and persuade their audience. This can be achieved by answering vital questions such as: More »

Week In Marketing: Apple Watch, Latest with Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat, #InternationalWomensDay,


1. Marketers Now Post More on Instagram than Facebook

A new report shows that brands now post more on Instagram than Facebook. The photo-sharing app has become popular because content is more visible and guaranteed to be seen in users’ feeds, unlike Facebook in which brands have to pay to promote their posts. Instagram now boats more than 300 million users – many of whom belong to the coveted millennial audience that is often hard to reach.

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The Week In Marketing: Twitter Videos, #Dress, Instagram News, and Facebook Ads


1. Instagram Creates ‘Carousel ads’
Instagram has introduced a new form of advertising that allows readers to swipe left to learn more about the brand or product. These ‘carousel ads’ have been called a digital version of multi-page advertising spreads in magazines. The ads were created as a way to share a sequenced story. “For instance, a fashion company could use the carousel to deconstruct the individual products in a ‘look,'” according to a blog post by Instagram.

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The Week in Marketing: Online Ad View Standard, #TheDress, The Oscars, Instagram


1. Marketing of Brands Wins Big During Oscars

Lego, Farmers Insurance and Cadillac came home as the big marketing winners of the night during the airing of the Oscars this week. Lego was able to not only have a song from The Lego Movie nominated for an Oscar, but also gave out Lego replicas of the famous Oscar statues to key audience members.

Farmers Insurance gained positive attention when its spokesperson, J.K. Simmons won an Oscar and host Neil Patrick Harris hummed the insurance company’s jingle. Cadillac delivered the best media effort during the airing of the Oscars, showcasing the brand’s new attitude that it has begun rolling out.

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The Week in Marketing: Advertising, Crisis Management, Content Marketing and SEO

1. Facebook to Introduce New Cinemagraph Ad Format

In a world full of advertisements and endless content, it can be a challenge to captivate an audience and keep viewers interested. Facebook is attempting to combat this challenge by introducing a new ad format, called cinemagraphs. A cinemagraph is a half-video, half-photograph concept that digital marketing experts say will be able to fascinate audiences in a way that standard ads cannot. Facebook is trying to encourage advertisers to create more of these ads to display on both Facebook and photo-sharing network, Instagram. Facebook and Instagram both have a feature that allows videos to automatically play while scrolling through the feed, making this type of ad ideal for advertisers.

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The Week In Marketing: Social Media Channels, Super Bowl Ads and More

1. Brian Williams Apologizes for Inaccurate Statement

NBC Nightly News anchor, Brian Williams apologized Wednesday night to Stars and Stripes for an inaccurate statement made on- air last Friday. Williams said he was a passenger in a helicopter that was brought down by enemy fire while covering the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Truthfully, Williams was in a helicopter following the one that was shot down. Was Williams’ apology effective? Watch the video here and decide for yourself.

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The Week in Marketing: Super Bowl Ads, Real-Time Marketing and the SEO-Social Media Connection

1. Brands Take Advantage of #Blizzardof2015 with Real-Time Marketing

Real-time marketing is a popular trend among today’s marketers. Brands are getting smarter about leveraging sensationalized events such as the latest snowstorm or State of the Union Address as an opportunity to get their name out. The latest use of this technique came this week with #Snowmageddon2015, also known as #Blizzardof2015. The snowstorm might not have been historic as it was predicted to be, but that didn’t stop brands from seeing the opportunity at hand. Dairy Queen, DiGiorno Pizza, Honda, McDonald’s, and Netflix are just some of the notable brands that took advantage of the snowfall.

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