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Weekly Wrap-Up #146

From perfect bodies to server crashes to finally being able to edit captions, here’s what been going on this week.

1. Obama weighs in on the net neutrality debate
Obama posted a statement and video on Monday weighing in on the ongoing net neutrality debate. He stated that the Internet was founded on the principles of “openness, fairness, and freedom”, and he shared his intentions to protect the Internet. He calls for the Federal Communication Commission to recognize that the Internet is essential for communication and life. Obama’s statement has created an awkward relationship with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s statements. Obama appointed Wheeler in mid-2013, however the two are now advocating for different stances in the net neutrality debate.

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Weekly Wrap-up #143

Sugar, salt and other interesting news in this week’s Weekly Wrap-Up. Check it out:

1. Get March Madness Viewers Off Their Second Screen Devices

During March Madness season customized advertisements attracted viewers back to their TV from their second-screen devices. Time Warner MediaLab found custom ads brought viewers back to the game. Check out the infographic about this study.

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Our Restaurants of Choice


We’re excited to be named agency of record for Eschelon Experiences, a premier North Carolina restaurant group.

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Weekly Wrap Up #141

This week’s headlines include information like cool campaigns, the golf world, and what readers look for in articles.

1. Creative Campaigns Pay Off

Creative campaigns are 11 times more effective than campaigns that do not win creative awards, according to an IPA report. The report showed that these creative ads are more effective due to the greater “buzz” effect. Hamish Pringle, director general of the IPA, believes that lowering costs will also lower effectiveness of campaigns.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #139

What are the stories behind these hashtags? #dontdriveanddrive, #bendgate, #budweiserdog, #trendsintechworld, #webrooming, #connectedcars Find out in the Weekly Wrap-Up!

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How Do You Really Make Decisions?














Imagine you are faced with a decision. You are shopping for a new car, and you have two options. First, you have a fairly nice used car in good condition. It will get you where you need to go without having any problems and, best of all, it is within your budget. Your second option is the newest model of luxury cars with all of the most desirable amenities, but it is slightly over your budget.

What do you do?

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Weekly Wrap Up #138

This week saw Coca Cola bringing back ‘90s sodas and the crowning of the 2015 Miss America. Learn more in the weekly wrap up!

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Happy 10th Anniversary Stephanie!

Stephanie Dunford

Congratulations to Stephanie Dunford on her 10th anniversary with the agency.

Our creative and interactive professionals work on dozens of client projects a month. As the agency’s senior project manager, Stephanie painstakingly manages the timelines of those projects, coordinating the traffic process and workflow. She helps ensure all projects are completed on time and within the client’s budget. Some would say Stephanie has the hardest job at the agency.

“It’s a stressful position to be in. But she handles it with grace and humor. She also seems to like telling people what to do,” said Billy Barnes, creative director.

It’s clear that people listen to her too!

Stephanie is a true asset to Howard/Merrell. We are lucky to have her as a part of our family. Congratulations!

Marketing That Grabs You


Remember when computers were something that stayed on a desk, weighed too much to carry, and tied up the phone line to access the Internet? Well as we know all too well, the days of reliance on stationary desk computers are long gone, and we are a mobile society with the Internet at our fingertips. While this carries a lot of benefits, there are undoubtedly some downfalls.

Take, for example, the world of advertising. The increased reliance on the internet provides a vast array of new advertising options and allows us the capability to reach people we could have never dreamed of years ago…. and this is great! However, it also means that every other ad agency now has that same capability. So, consumers have gone from seeing maybe ten to twenty advertisements per day, are now bombarded with hundreds on every Google search, Facebook browse, YouTube clip, and more. Therefore, now more than ever it is important for advertisers to catch peoples’ attention in a way that makes them stop, think, remember, and pursue.

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Orange Crush

We’ve had the opportunity to produce some great videos and TV spots for KIOTI. Here’s the latest, for their August sales meeting.

Isolating the KIOTI orange in the footage and pairing with a gritty, blues rock track gave just the right amount of energy and attitude to get dealers excited about the 15 new models.


Warning: Watching this video may lead to feet-tapping and head-nodding. You’ve been warned.