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Weekly Wrap-Up #156

#Facebook, #SuperBowlCommercials, #DeflateGate, #SOTU, and #PR — All in this week’s #WeeklyWrapUp.

1. PR Professor Says PR Students No Longer Need Advanced Writing Classes

Last week, Shannon Bowen, a professor at the University of South Carolina, stirred up some controversy by saying that current PR majors no longer need to worry about taking advanced writing courses to prepare for the professional world. Bowen argues that the PR field has shifted its focus more on the management side, and that time could be spent taking classes related to this instead. Despite Bowen’s suggestion, several PR sites including PRNewser have argued that writing is now more important than ever in the field due to the varied types of content now having to be drafted by professionals.

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Super Bowl Commercials – Why Are They So Expensive?

The Super Bowl is the premier sporting and television event of the year, with over 100 million viewers who tune in to watch football’s best duke it out on the gridiron. But even with this huge audience, many still wonder why a 30 second commercial spot costs upwards of $4 million.

Here’s why:Super Bowl Commercials

Huge Audience

This one is pretty obvious, but the Super Bowl garners an enormous number of viewers. In 2013, it had a bigger audience than the biggest movie (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire), most watched show on television (NCIS), and most popular album (Justin Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience”) combined. If you’re trying to get a lot of people to see your ad, the Super Bowl is the way to do it.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #155

This week’s Wrap-Up includes news about Obama, McDonalds and the latest with LinkedIn. Enjoy!

1. Snapchat Charges Top Dollar for Ads

The young, but very popular picture and video app has been reported to charge $750,000 for advertising spots on users’ recent feeds. While Snapchat has refused to comment, multiple brands have expressed their disinterest in paying the premium for pictures and videos that will fade away after one day. While the app can garner tens of millions of views per day and has an average of 100 million users per month, there are many drawbacks to advertising with the app. Critics have been quick to emphasize the age of Snapchat, taking into account the speed with which it has grown; however, for now, brands are having a hard time wrapping their heads around the big bucks.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #154

Social media channels institute changes and Super Bowl ad chatter begins, in this week’s wrap-up.

1. “While You Were Away” from Twitter

While Twitter is loved for its instantaneous updates, it can be overwhelming for the non-avid Twitter user. Recently, Twitter has added a new feature to its mobile app for some users called the “While you were away” feature. The addition allows users to be presented with a collection of some of the top tweets that have been published since the user last used the app. While it has not yet been announced whether or not all users will have access to this feature, advertisers are already strategizing on how to capitalize on the feature. The items collected in the “while you were away” section will likely be those that have received the most favorites or retweets, which allows premium content to garner more attention.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #152

Our last Wrap-Up of the year covers beer, movies, purging, dancing like a penguin and NASA. What more do you need?

1. Netflix airs unscripted clips of family movie night

Kids say the darndest things, and something about seeing kids under the age of 10 argue over what movie to watch for family movie night is endearing rather than obnoxious. Netflix chose to feature unscripted 30-second to 60-second clips of these discussions, in real people’s homes, in their “Watch Together” campaign. While the campaign is about Netflix, the message is about the value of family and time spent together. The clips walk viewers through the process of movie night – from making snacks to taking a family vote on what movie to watch – complete with laughter, spilled popcorn, and movie quotes being chirped by 5-year-olds.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #151

Airport and presidential news, the latest with femvertising, and more – all in this week’s wrap-up.

1. London Airport Makes “Across the Miles” Campaign Personal

Holidays can be hard for those who are not able to be with their loved ones. With that in mind, Docklands Airport developed the “Across the Miles” campaign that allows people to send personalized video messages from the London airport to their friends and family. The airport set up a log cabin in the departure lounge complete with elf helpers encouraging passengers to record their messages in front of a festive backdrop. The campaign is being shared across social channels through a promotional video.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #150

This week was all about the power of advertising – from backlash to overwhelming emotion, the power of the industry is clearer than ever.

1. Coca-Cola milk brand attacked for new add campaign
Last month, Coca-Cola launched an ad campaign that featured pin-up style women dressed in milk. The new Fairlife milk brand has since been labeled offensive and sexist to many viewers. Many complain that the ads are in poor taste and depict the brand’s lack of respect for women, further referencing the Marilyn Monroe-style dresses made of milk splashes. Rather than issue an apology, the company pulled the ads and issued a statement mentioning a potential new campaign.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #148

In this Weekly Wrap-Up, read about what companies are doing to build their brand awareness and increase sales this holiday season.

1. New York Subway Riders Able to Find Holiday Gifts During Commute
Earlier this week Amazon began advertising on the large digital kiosks that are located in the New York subway stations. These digital screens allow customers to swipe through holiday gifts to learn details about the product. If customers find a product they would like they can use the digital screen to scan a QR code or send a text message to their phone with a link of where to buy the product. The promotions will end on December 23rd, as that is the last day to purchase an item and receive it before Christmas.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #147

This week’s wrap-up includes the latest with Whole Foods, Target, SnapChat, Spotify and User-generated content. Check it out:

Snapchat Creates Snapcash
Snapchat has teamed up with credit card processing company Square to allow users to transfer cash to each other. Snapchat’s money-spending service is not a surprise as the application has been expected to enter e-commerce for a while now. By swiping into chat, typing a dollar sign, and entering the amount, Snapcash provides users with a simple way to pay.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #146

From perfect bodies to server crashes to finally being able to edit captions, here’s what been going on this week.

1. Obama weighs in on the net neutrality debate
Obama posted a statement and video on Monday weighing in on the ongoing net neutrality debate. He stated that the Internet was founded on the principles of “openness, fairness, and freedom”, and he shared his intentions to protect the Internet. He calls for the Federal Communication Commission to recognize that the Internet is essential for communication and life. Obama’s statement has created an awkward relationship with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s statements. Obama appointed Wheeler in mid-2013, however the two are now advocating for different stances in the net neutrality debate.

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