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Orange Crush

We’ve had the opportunity to produce some great videos and TV spots for KIOTI. Here’s the latest, for their August sales meeting.

Isolating the KIOTI orange in the footage and pairing with a gritty, blues rock track gave just the right amount of energy and attitude to get dealers excited about the 15 new models.


Warning: Watching this video may lead to feet-tapping and head-nodding. You’ve been warned.





Senior Account Executive Wanted

We’ve created an environment based on the belief that there are no challenges that can’t be met, no problems that can’t be solved, and no conventions that can’t be broken. Our drive, determination and unique methodology and approaches have created solutions that have sustained our agency for more than sixty-five years.

Creating groundbreaking work that drives sales is what we strive for – on every project, on every brand and on every client.

Does this sound interesting? Then let’s talk. We currently have a Senior Account Executive position open.

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Emotion In Advertising

Have you ever heard a song, or even smelled a scent that brought you back to a certain event or time in your life? Stimuli often peak our senses and create emotional experiences that are meaningful, real, and memorable.

A great advertisement channels those emotional stimuli and creates a connection with its viewers. We can’t always explain why we are drawn to certain advertisements—often times our proclivity for a specific design, photograph or message is underlying and subconscious. We do know, however, that emotion tends to drive a large percentage of buying behavior and therefore creating that connection is vital for brands to develop a successful campaign.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #128

From American Apparel to the CIA, it’s been a week of social media controversies. Get all the details in the latest edition of the weekly wrap-up.

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Our Newest Addition: Anastasia Ellis

Anastasia Ellis










We have a new member of the Howard/Merrell family – Anastasia Ellis.

Joining us as an Account Executive, Anastasia spent the last few years entrenched in the digital marketing space. Her experience developing integrated campaigns, allows Anastasia to lead and manage client campaigns that involve advertising, media planning and buying, website development, trade show support, PR, social media, market research and analysis.

We’re excited to have Anastasia join our team of strategic branding experts.

Learn more about our newest AE.

Weekly Wrap-up #127

Before you celebrate Independence Day, check out this week’s wrap up.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #126

Take a glimpse into the future of advertising and catch up on your industry news with the latest edition of the weekly wrap-up.

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World Cup Posters

Most designers love to work on posters. I think it’s because you get more creative freedom with a poster than you do with a lot of other forms of advertising and communications. The World Cup has had some nice posters over the years. Here are 84 years worth. Enjoy. And go USA.





Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

YouTube Preview Image

What does it mean to be the greatest? Winning the most awards? Receiving the highest honors? Having the largest fan base?  Well, according to arguably the greatest basketball player in history, Michael Jordan, it all comes down to teamwork. “Who is the greatest?” is the wrong question. What we really should be asking is, “What team is the greatest?”

At Howard/Merrell, we also strive to be the greatest. Not only by presenting a show stopping performance at game time, but through collaboration and teamwork every day. We know the final product is important, and believe we have created some of the best work out there for our clients. However, we also know that it’s important to not only question the final product for greatness, but the process as well. So, through hard work and collaboration between some of the most talented public relations, social media, advertising, creative and media professionals around, we join Jordan in his belief that determining greatness lies in the team.

Thanks to Lorenzo Dickerson here at Howard/Merrell for sharing this video of Jordan’s wise words, and no hard feelings to you LeBron James fans.


The perfect mixture of advertising, social media, public relations and creative.

The perfect mixture of advertising, social media, public relations and creative.

Howard/Merrell is an organization concerned with detail. We take on projects with enthusiasm and determination to not only meet clients’ expectations, but to completely blow them away. How do we do this? With attention to detail.

Just as a great chef doesn’t simply chop, cook and serve, we at Howard/Merrell do not simply listen, implement and record. The same type of finesse that goes into creating a 5 star savory masterpiece is used in our dedication to client satisfaction. While a chef presents the perfect blend of vegetables, meats, starches and sweets to complete a meal, Howard/Merrell is dedicated to combining advertising, public relations, social media, creative, and more to develop a perfect mixture for client satisfaction.

So, when asked what hashtag best describes Howard/Merrell and why, Amanda Frasca here in our office, replied with the perfect response that encapsulates the company’s 5 star sensibility:

Sauce is commonly used to up the flavor profile of food. It’s something that takes time to perfect, can be complex, yet it completes a dish and adds that final touch of finesse. It’s that something you always remember and go back to. It’s that final taste of deliciousness that leaves you wanting more. What we do at H/M is very similar. We are a full-service agency that offers a wide variety of services. We are strategic thinkers from various backgrounds. We come together to create campaigns that, like a sauce, are made up of many parts. When those parts blend together, the end result is something that lingers, is remember-able and leaves you wanting more. The end result is something awesome.