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Engage by Brian Solis – A Review

I recently finished Brian Solis‘ new book, Engage, after some stop and go reading over the past month. Overall I thought it was a great book with some good examples and case studies to keep in my back pocket.  In the end though, I think it could be broken into two separate books: New Media University and Postgrad.

The first half does a great job of breaking down social media theory and tools via courses in the “New Media University”.  Solis encourages even those who consider themselves social media PhD’s to start from square one and review what makes up the intricacies of social media:

“For those well versed in social media and the tools that connect us to those we wish to reach, enjoy this chance to hit “ctrl-alt=del” and restart with a fresh perspective.  For those new to the socialization of media and influence, please take your time here. This is were everything begins.”

By the time you receive your New Media U. MBA you have covered an extensive library of tools available and have been introduced to a myriad of examples and case studies that prove the value of those tools.  I enjoyed reviewing and reminding myself of the resources that can foster relationships, conversation and reputation both personally and for brands and business. More »

The Share Economy

Brian Solis recently published an article addressing the shift of referral traffic from traditional search to social networks. He notes that more people are sharing and finding resources using various social sources.  Again, the trust factor comes in to play as people are more likely to take recommendations (in the form of links, brand mentions, product reviews) from peers than from a paid search or faceless results page.  Search optimization cannot be ignored outside of the traditional big-name engines.

A few of my favorite points from the article:

  • In the share economy, currency is defined by likes, links, retweets, updates, comments, shares on Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, MySpace, et al.
  • With the advent of social feeds… consumers can more easily rely on trusted personal relationships to determine what’s worthwhile to read, watch, play and buy online.
  • Create paths that define and engender the experience you desire with destinations and calls to action integrated to close the loop.
  • By creating a connected social experience, we activate our content and community and empower a new genre of branded information catalysts.