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Weekly Wrap #8

1. Like-Gating: The Art of Reaching the Facebook Masses

Businesses already utilizing Facebook as a key player in their advertising strategy have one more technique to add to their list. “Like-gating” is Facebook’s way of allowing a business to hide content on their page, with the promise that the simple click of the “Like” button will unveil precious incentives and exclusive content. The problem critics see: how will a consumer know if you “like” the business without getting all of the information upfront? See if you would “like” Hubspot Blog’s 5 examples of successful “Like-Gating”.

2. Personal Smart Phones Join the Workplace

Not long ago was the use of an employee’s personal cell at the workplace a taboo. A recent trend brought on by the recommendation of the CTIA shows that this may be happening more often than not. reports that “According to research from 451 Group, more than 70 percent of companies surveyed already allow their employees to use their own mobile devices for work.” With concerns of plan payment and protection of both company and employee privacy, the erasing of phone boundary between work and home may not be as convenient as many want to believe. Although the idea of using your own phone in and out of the office sounds tempting, would you want both areas of your life joined under one number?

Read more here.

3. Do Women Unintentionally Harm Their Own Careers?

As a woman entering the beginning stages of my career, my initial response to the Harvard Business Review article was “Impossible.” Yet with the accompaniment of this week’s discussion on the Today Show, the topic of women standing up for their worth in the workplace, or lack there of, seems to be on of heightened interest. The HBR article looks at a study that cites four “specific low-confidence behaviors” as contributing factors to the unintentional stunt to a woman’s career:

  • Being overly modest
  • Not asking
  • Blending in
  • Remaining Silent

For further detail and to see if you agree with the findings of the study, visit the Harvard Business Review blog.

4. Moms Enter the Facebook Mix

I’ve noticed that the majority of my friends have had to face the same dilemma at some point in their social networking lifetime: To friend, or not to friend, your mother on Facebook. Emarketer takes a deeper look into the logistics of mothers using Facebook on a regula

r basis, and estimate that 23 million US moms are on the site this year. With mothers, fathers, and other relatives entering the Facebook world, many users are forced to look at what they post and respond to with more care. Could this social networking mom overload help members finally pay attention to advice social media experts have been preaching for years? With the graphics to prove the mother-to-Facebook rise, lets hope so.

5. Who Is This Siri?

With the recent launch of Apple’s new iPhone 4S has come non-stop discussion of its most coveted feature; Siri. Siri acts as a personal assistant to those operating the phone, answering voice-activated commands and questions. VentureBeat’s review of the new software explains it as “More than a smarter version of the iPhone’s previous voice command feature, Siri represents the first step towards widespread adoption of consumer artificial intelligence (AI). It’s the beginning of something that will fundamentally change the way we live with our computing devices over the coming years.”

See more of what Siri can do here.

Image via - S**t That Siri Says

Social Media and Your Job Search

I had the privilege to present at Elon University‘s Professional Discovery Week yesterday about the topic of using social media in your job search. My own job search story is a testament to the power of social media in the job search. My relationship, and eventual employment, with Howard Merrell & Partners started with a simple Direct Message to our former Social Media Marketing Manager, Kipp Bodnar:

In my presentation, I broke the process down into four key focus areas:

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Searching for a Digital Analyst

Howard, Merrell & Partners is seeking a Digital Analyst. The Digital Analyst works with team members to develop analytic strategy for the client, understanding customer behavior, defining analytics strategy, managing insights projects, performing analysis and writing reports. The position requires strong analytical skills to provide data driven insights.

Responsibilities include:

  • Provide integrated marketing analytical solutions across customers and channels to improve client decision-making.
  • Monitor, analyze, and report on the performance of Web sites, email campaigns, banner ads, social media, etc.
  • Understand and effectively communicate search engine marketing strategies, the search engine landscape, and the effectiveness of search engine optimization.
  • Manage online media campaigns to include integration of web sites, banner ads, social media, SEO, PPC, etc.
  • Create holistic dashboards/analysis by pulling data from different data sources and websites for presentations to senior management team.
  • Develop presentations for senior management team and clients.
  • Cultivate and maintain strong relationships with creative thinkers, technologists, and clients.
  • Create timelines and ensure consistent adherence to established deadlines.
  • Provide direction to creative, media and production staff and effectively represent their perspectives when presenting work to client.
  • Testing and troubleshooting web analytics tags for quality assurance.
  • Recognizing and solving data problems and inconsistencies.
  • Team interface regarding campaign tracking.
  • Achieve and maintain fluency in relevant interactive technologies.

Required Skills:

  • A bachelor’s degree is required, along with 1 – 3 years of digital experience.
  • Technical aptitude and strong problem solving skills are expected.
  • A solid understanding of internet technologies and web analytics is necessary.
  • Experience with e-mail tracking is a plus.
  • The candidate will be familiar with Google Analytics, DART for Advertisers, and WebTrends.
  • Strong Excel, PowerPoint, and general math skills are required.
  • Should be familiar with HTML and JavaScript.
  • A background in online marketing and/ or site publishing is helpful.
  • The web analyst should be proactive and detail oriented.
  • Candidate should be flexible and be willing to be part of a highly energetic team focused on delivering quality client solutions.
  • Passion, a desire to learn and a good attitude.

Work Environment:

Normal office environment. Travel to client offices required.

Email resumes to Please no recruitment/placement agencies.

Searching for Account Services Professional

Howard, Merrell & Partners is seeking an account services team member with a minimum of 2 years experience to handle advertising campaigns for high-profile business-to-business accounts. Position requires multi-tasking on strategic and executional fronts, collaboration with colleagues, and deftly managing client needs and expectations. Must have a can-do attitude, a desire for producing great creative and ability to work diligently under pressure. More »

Celebrity Internships: We All Start Somewhere

OprahAs I’m wrapping up my second week as an intern here at Howard Merrell & Partners, I’ve been doing a bit of reflecting on what I’ve learned here and at my past two internships and where these experiences may lead me. More »