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Pharrell Williams’ Brand: Unique, Bold, Creative

Pharrell Williams performing at Coachella Music Festival - April 2014

Pharrell Williams performing at Coachella Music Festival – April 2014

From his hit singles to his legendary style, Pharrell Williams is no doubt one of today’s top stars. His music is unique, collaborative and stylized, and his bold clothing choices follow suit. His daring creativity and willingness to take chances has certainly paid off, positioning him as a major thought leader in the entertainment industry. From interviews with Oprah Winfrey, to multiple Grammy awards, to a global initiative making everyone “Happy”, his success has undoubtedly gained an international following.

While it may not seem obvious at first, these same underlying ideals drive agency success. At Howard/Merrell we strive to develop unique, bold, stylized brands for our clients through collaboration and determination. In doing this, not only do we position our clients as thought leaders, but position ourselves that way as well. So, naturally it makes sense that our employees are drawn to Pharrell’s impressive reputation. When asked what celebrity he’d like to manage PR for, Sharvin Whitted here at Howard/Merrell said:

“Pharrell Williams. He’s an influential artist that’s on top of his game now in everything from music to fashion. He’s very eccentric and just seems like the type of guy that has something cool and / or positive to say. I’ve been a fan of his for quite some time now.”

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