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4 Tips for Social Media Conversions

Companies are spending a lot of staff time and marketing money on social media efforts, but is it helping the bottom line? The answer to that question depends in large part on customer conversions. Social media is successful if your content and campaigns are turning social fans into customers. Is your social media content creating customer leads for your business? If not, here are five things to do now to create customers from your social media efforts:

4 tips to convert customers

  1. Deep link or use splash pages or micro sites. Typically, a primary goal for most social media marketers is to drive traffic to the brand web site. Unless your site is super simple, linking to the home page is generally a bad idea. If potential customers have to look around, they’re more likely to bounce. If you’re posting about a specific product, link directly to that product’s page. Use bit.lys or custom urls to link directly to the page where can purchase, sign-up or enter their personal information. I also recommend creating campaign splash pages or microsites that house all the information and actionable content a customer needs to make a decision.


  1. Use your analytics. Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook all offer free insights and platform analytics for your content. See what’s performing best and use those insights to inform future content. One way to track results is to create discount or promo codes specific to each channel so you track your efforts against conversions. Set up Google Analytics on your web site if you haven’t already. Look at your acquisition data and see which of your social media channels is referring the most traffic and driving actual sales. Every business doesn’t need to be on every social channel. Identify which one brings you results and focus your time and money there.


  1. Focus on reviews and user generated content. Social media is traditional word of mouth, at scale. And there’s still no better way to convert customers than word of mouth. Create contest and promotions that inspire user generated content about your product or service. Establish brand and campaign hashtags as well and regularly curate content being shared about your brand to feature across your social channels.


  1. Create opt-ins for exclusive content and offers. One of the most valuable marketing tools is an email list full of qualified leads, people who have already expressed interest in your product or service by opting in to receive brand communications. Create social media content that drives to valuable expert content (like a free e-book or how-to guide) or an offer (like an exclusive promotion or discount code). Require customer emails to access the content or offer and you’ve converted a lead from social media.


Optimize your social efforts to drive leads and conversions. If you need help growing your social audience or creating content that converts, contact us.

Social Channels – Which is Growing Faster?

Recent years have seen unprecedented growth within the world of social media.


Gone are the days when Facebook and Twitter alone, led the pack of companies in this race. Research shows that the two social media giants have seen significantly slower growth over the past two years in comparison to other platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest. Both have seen their number of users double over the past three years, with Instagram making the longest strides in growth over the past 18 months.

The photo-sharing platform gained 100 million of its now 400 million user base between March of 2014 and September of 2015. In contrast, Twitter continues to struggle to reach new heights. The micro-blogging service only saw a growth of about 45 million, up from its 255 million active users in 2015.

These social media growth patterns aren’t particularly surprising. In fact, they fall in line very closely with recent trends that show that consumers are gravitating more and more towards visual content. This is a trend that has been evident since as early as 2012, as users moved away from traditional blogging in favor of the shorter, more succinct Facebook status. Twitter took things a step further by limiting posts to their signature 140 characters.

Now, it seems, social media users agree that a picture can be worth a thousand words. While the popularity of text-based platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn wane, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr are seeing explosive growth in their respective active user bases. Even before then, studies show, consumers were much more likely to interact with a brand if the brand posted pictures, rather than other forms of media.

This is a movement advertisers need to keep an eye on, as the most lucrative areas for placing ads seem to be shifting towards these newer applications. For example, although Facebook is experiencing a slower growth rate than Instagram, the company will still reap any benefits to be had from future marketing opportunities on the platform due to their acquisition of Instagram back in 2012.

Weekly Wrap-Up #149

The evolution of storytelling, popular geotags and finding the most engaged users – all in this week’s wrap-up.

1. Pinterest – the new leader in social media?
New York magazine recently said that Facebook should be very intimidated by the rate at which Pinterest is growing. With their continual growth and improvements of the site, Pinterest is a hot spot for marketing. While the majority of users are female, the loyalty of users is unsurpassed by any other social media platform. Currently, the site is averaging about 53 million active users per month. Pinterest also has a 50 percent higher conversion rate than any other social media platform, making it ideal for brands looking to drive traffic to their sites.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #92

Enjoy this week’s wrap-up, including Facebook’s recent lawsuit decision, Twitter’s newest content feature and the surprising social media platform that provides the best customer reviews. Happy Friday!

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Weekly Wrap Up #34

The weekend is just around the corner and the weatherman is predicting a balmy few days full of sunshine. However, if you need a break in between enjoying the gorgeous weather and soaking up some sun I highly recommend you take a minute to look over these little gems from inside the industry.

1.The 10 commandments of Pinterest for business

Pinterest is like the New York City of the Internet, a melting pot of everything wonderful ready to be pulled together for easy reference. For any company with a product to sell being the latest and greatest ingredient added to this pot can be a huge asset, but it’s also easy to get lost in the mix. For some tips on how to take the Pinterest world by storm try checking out the 10 Commandments of Pinterest for business.

Click for Full Size

2.The 20 Most-Viral Ads of 2012 (So Far)

What do a dancing baby, an adorable animal, and an unsuspecting victim have in common? Easy, they’re all little nuggets of marketing gold. Nothing screams 21st century like a viral sensation, and nothing screams viral sensation quite like  dancing babies. This year has already racked up plenty of hits and the 20 most-viral ads of the year have already been conveniently combined. These ads are universal and truly genius. Don’t believe me? Check out #17. It turns out flash mob practical jokes are funny in every language.

3. 33 homophones that ensnare writers and speakers

All right don’t lie, we’ve all had those moments where we have to sneak over to Google and ask the inevitable is it sea or see…okay maybe not so much on that one, but nonetheless there are always those tricky homophones that seem to catch everyone now and then. Conveniently, did a lovely thing and combined 33 homophones that could trip up anyone.

4. 12 Keys to Success on Twitter

Tackling any social giant is a daunting task, but when they’re raking in millions of visitors a day it becomes a necessary evil to any good marketing campaign.  Twitter is one such beast that has to be utilized effectively to have any chance at reaching a desired audience.  Luckily there are resources, like this article, detailing some of the keys to success on Twitter.

5. 5 updates in the 2012 AP Stylebook

The Bible by any religious interpretation may have been written thousands of years ago, but for anyone in the Advertising/PR/Marketing fields there’s another bible, the AP Stylebook. Like almost every other aspect of the marketing world the Stylebook is struggling to stay “hip,” “with it,” “down,” or whatever it is they’re saying these days, and this year is no different. So if you’re trying to stay down-hip-and-with-it check out the five major updates in the 2012 Stylebook.



Weekly Wrap Up #33

Happy Friday! You know what that means. Another Wrap Up of this week’s awesome articles. There is a lot going on, with new fun videos, news, and some helpful articles to cap off your week.

1. Mobile Will Dominate the Future of Media and Advertising

In a world of tablet PCs, mobile apps, and most recently Facebook’s new foray into ads in their mobile app – a crucial portion of their business model. The key is that mobile is a power house in the ad industry and isn’t being tapped completely. With more and more users accessing their favorite sites and apps, mobile will take on advertising in a big way.

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2. Buddy Media Makes An Unforgettable Video

Buddy Media was recently acquired by the CRM giant Throughout this long journey CEO, Michael Lazerow, shares his lifelong battle with a heart defect. I can’t explain how impacting this video is –  so watch it:

YouTube Preview Image

Now, stop holding back. Launch forward!

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3. 7 Things Journalists Wished PR Pros Knew About Pitching

Pitching media is an artform. Ensuring that you are relevant, impacting, and understanding a journalist’s perspective are all crucial elements. These seven tips for pitching journalists will help any PR pro get their writing down and ultimately get their story out.

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4. Is Pinterest Right For Your Brand?

The data behind the effectiveness of Pinterest is obvious. It helps dive leads. I helps drive sales. Visitors from Pinterest are more engaged in your site. The true question is, what makes Pinterest the right place for your brand? Social Media Examiner brings up five excellent points in making sure your brand is positioned correctly, and whether or not you should be there at all.

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5. Proof That Marketing Execs Are The Only Ones Who Care About Brands In Social Media

If you work in social media, marketing, PR, media, or any other related work, you can attest to this: we like more pages and interact more on social media.

Business Insider put together this great infographic with the proof:

Weekly Wrap Up #26

We’ve had another exciting week here at HM&P. Like many of you, we spend some time looking at what’s going on these days. Here are 5 articles this week that caught our attention.

1. Instagram Purchased by Facebook for $1B

Yes, you read that correctly. ONE. BILLION. DOLLARS. Just last week we touted Instagram’s 1-million download mark, and one week later, the handful of employees from Instagram are sitting happily on a pile of cash! Instagram, which started in 2010 has grown incredibly and is easily one of the most used photo sharing applications for the iPhone, and now Android.

2. How do we do mobile?

AdWeek shows an infographic on how we use our mobile devices, including tablets. I’ll let the infographic speak for itself:

3. What makes a video go viral?

Mashable sat down with the partners of Seedwell who specialize in the production of viral videos and hit some key notes for a viral production. So what does make a video hit the top ranks on the web? The partners highlight three key points:

  1. Parody
  2. “cute as hell”
  3. Did that just happen?!

And of course… kitties!

YouTube Preview Image

4. Drinking Boosts Creativity

No, I don’t mean you can get sloshed before you create a pitch or concept a full-on marketing plan. A couple drinks, however, can help your problem solving skills. Why? Alcohol removes the natural inhibitions that we have reserved and don’t express because of years of “education.” See: How Schools Kill Creativity So enjoy a beer or two, and watch the creative juices flow!

5. Dads are on the rise in Social

With more and more men becoming stay at home fathers, the rise of dads flocking to social media sites and blogs is on its way! Brands are seeing more dads using Pinterest, creating blogs for their day-to-day life at home, and becoming a more vocal part of the social sphere. So how will you leverage these guys?

Weekly Wrap Up #18

Break out the virtual flowers and mobile apps – Valentine’s Day is nearly here! Here’s what we found when we went looking for love in cyberspace.

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5 Ways To Connect With Consumers With Pinterest


“Are you on Pinterest?” This question is coming up in more and more conversations by the day. If you answered no, you’re missing out on one of today’s hottest social media platforms. Despite its invite-only status, Pinterest experienced tremendous growth with a 4,000% increase in site visits from 275,000 per week to 11,000,000 in the latter half of 2011. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where users can pin and organize images from around the web to different boards. These boards can help them do everything from collecting recipes for their next dinner party to discovering DIY tips for turning their old cardboard boxes into stylish storage solutions.

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Weekly Wrap Up #14

From playoff games heard around the social media sphere – to a Today Show 60 Year anchor reunion – we’ve had a week of media highlights to remember.  2012 has already brought interest to a number of new tech tools, networking sites, and articles worth checking out. Explore some of the links below, and continue your new year with some online inspiration!

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