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Social Media and Your Job Search

I had the privilege to present at Elon University‘s Professional Discovery Week yesterday about the topic of using social media in your job search. My own job search story is a testament to the power of social media in the job search. My relationship, and eventual employment, with Howard Merrell & Partners started with a simple Direct Message to our former Social Media Marketing Manager, Kipp Bodnar:

In my presentation, I broke the process down into four key focus areas:

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Introduction to Social Media for B2B Food Service Companies

I recently attended a client marketing workshop and presented an introduction to social media for B2B companies. Since the meeting was for food distributors, I created a presentation that used examples from food businesses to present the various platforms used across the social web, including blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, communities and online solutions. This presentation was meant to provide an overview into social media and just let people know what is out there. More »