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Andria Rosell Joins the Agency

Andria Headshot

A warm welcome to Andria Rosell, our newest member of the Howard/Merrell family. With her strong background in social media, public relations and integrated marketing, Andria joins us as a Senior Account Supervisor who will develop and execute strategic, innovative digital, social and PR programs for clients.

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Our Restaurants of Choice


We’re excited to be named agency of record for Eschelon Experiences, a premier North Carolina restaurant group.

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Julie Orsini, Intern to AC













Starting with us as an intern while in college at Elon University, Julie has always been a hard worker who demands positive results. That’s why there was no question that after Julie’s graduation, we wanted her to be a part of the Howard/Merrell team.

Julie has joined us as an Account Coordinator.

She is smart, resourceful and has a solid education in strategic communications. As an AC, Julie is helping develop and execute campaigns and build brand awareness for companies large and small. She crafts client social media editorial calendars, social outreach recommendations and strategic blog content. Working with our team of strategic branding experts, Julie supports a number of clients including: Safe Quality Food Institute, AjiPure, and iTech.

We are thrilled to have her on board. Welcome Julie!

Chloe Seipel Joins Howard/Merrell













We’re happy to welcome Chloe Seipel to Howard/Merrell.

As an Associate Account Executive, Chloe follows each client’s brand strategy while handling day-to-day responsibilities focused around conducting national and trade media relations, event marketing, content generation and social media activities. Currently, she supports a number of clients including CORDURA® brand fabric, AjiPure and National Humanites Center.

We work hard to hire team members who don’t just want to conduct marketing tactics, but want to help build and execute against a brand strategy that allows clients to achieve their marketing and sales goals through effective communications. Chloe fits that description — Since day one she was ready to help clients with their branding strategy and ongoing marketing needs.

Chloe has a bachelor of arts degree in strategic communications from James Madison University, and earned a master of science degree in communications from North Carolina State University.

Are you a PR and Social Media Pro? Come Join Our Team!

Are you an energetic, organized professional who can manage public relations and social media campaigns? Do you consider yourself a strategic thinker, independent worker and team player with strong organizational skills?

If so, we want you!

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Pharrell Williams’ Brand: Unique, Bold, Creative

Pharrell Williams performing at Coachella Music Festival - April 2014

Pharrell Williams performing at Coachella Music Festival – April 2014

From his hit singles to his legendary style, Pharrell Williams is no doubt one of today’s top stars. His music is unique, collaborative and stylized, and his bold clothing choices follow suit. His daring creativity and willingness to take chances has certainly paid off, positioning him as a major thought leader in the entertainment industry. From interviews with Oprah Winfrey, to multiple Grammy awards, to a global initiative making everyone “Happy”, his success has undoubtedly gained an international following.

While it may not seem obvious at first, these same underlying ideals drive agency success. At Howard/Merrell we strive to develop unique, bold, stylized brands for our clients through collaboration and determination. In doing this, not only do we position our clients as thought leaders, but position ourselves that way as well. So, naturally it makes sense that our employees are drawn to Pharrell’s impressive reputation. When asked what celebrity he’d like to manage PR for, Sharvin Whitted here at Howard/Merrell said:

“Pharrell Williams. He’s an influential artist that’s on top of his game now in everything from music to fashion. He’s very eccentric and just seems like the type of guy that has something cool and / or positive to say. I’ve been a fan of his for quite some time now.”

Amanda Earns a Promotion











Amanda has been promoted to Account Executive.

She is a smart young lady who looks to grow and be challenged. It is this drive that allows Amanda to push herself to provide excellent client service and leverage the knowledge and experience she possess. Amanda has successfully provided internal and external public relations to a number of clients including: Case Farms, BRI, AjiPure, Fantastic Sams, Kioti, Solair and Step2.

What an asset to the Howard/Merrell family. Congratulations Amanda!

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

YouTube Preview Image

What does it mean to be the greatest? Winning the most awards? Receiving the highest honors? Having the largest fan base?  Well, according to arguably the greatest basketball player in history, Michael Jordan, it all comes down to teamwork. “Who is the greatest?” is the wrong question. What we really should be asking is, “What team is the greatest?”

At Howard/Merrell, we also strive to be the greatest. Not only by presenting a show stopping performance at game time, but through collaboration and teamwork every day. We know the final product is important, and believe we have created some of the best work out there for our clients. However, we also know that it’s important to not only question the final product for greatness, but the process as well. So, through hard work and collaboration between some of the most talented public relations, social media, advertising, creative and media professionals around, we join Jordan in his belief that determining greatness lies in the team.

Thanks to Lorenzo Dickerson here at Howard/Merrell for sharing this video of Jordan’s wise words, and no hard feelings to you LeBron James fans.


The perfect mixture of advertising, social media, public relations and creative.

The perfect mixture of advertising, social media, public relations and creative.

Howard/Merrell is an organization concerned with detail. We take on projects with enthusiasm and determination to not only meet clients’ expectations, but to completely blow them away. How do we do this? With attention to detail.

Just as a great chef doesn’t simply chop, cook and serve, we at Howard/Merrell do not simply listen, implement and record. The same type of finesse that goes into creating a 5 star savory masterpiece is used in our dedication to client satisfaction. While a chef presents the perfect blend of vegetables, meats, starches and sweets to complete a meal, Howard/Merrell is dedicated to combining advertising, public relations, social media, creative, and more to develop a perfect mixture for client satisfaction.

So, when asked what hashtag best describes Howard/Merrell and why, Amanda Frasca here in our office, replied with the perfect response that encapsulates the company’s 5 star sensibility:

Sauce is commonly used to up the flavor profile of food. It’s something that takes time to perfect, can be complex, yet it completes a dish and adds that final touch of finesse. It’s that something you always remember and go back to. It’s that final taste of deliciousness that leaves you wanting more. What we do at H/M is very similar. We are a full-service agency that offers a wide variety of services. We are strategic thinkers from various backgrounds. We come together to create campaigns that, like a sauce, are made up of many parts. When those parts blend together, the end result is something that lingers, is remember-able and leaves you wanting more. The end result is something awesome.


Public Relations Dream vs. Nightmare

Celebrity drama is by no means few or far between. Whether it’s a drunk driving arrest, a divorce, or a drug charge, it seems like every time we turn our heads a new tabloid headline appears. Keeping a positive spin on events like these would be a challenge for anyone, but is particularly challenging for the rich and famous, who’s personal business seem to spread like wildfire.

However, managing PR for a celebrity would also be exciting, no doubt! Working for a client who regularly makes headlines provides the opportunity to share information quickly to a broad audience. So, would you rather take on the challenge of managing out of control rumors for the many celebrity troublemakers? Or keep things simple with those celebrities using their power for good?

It’s no question for Cindy here at Howard/Merrell—she prefers the peaceful PR of a perfect pooch. When asked what celebrity she would most like to manage PR for, this was her response:

YouTube Preview Image

“That would have to be Boo, the Pomeranian.  Why?  He doesn’t talk back, doesn’t party late, gives to charities, and he’s just adorable. All the other celebrities I thought of have too much drama in their life.  I mean, really, would you want to manage Justin Bieber?  #PRNIGHTMARE”.