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Denver is Spreading Wellness!

Members of the HM&P public relations and social media teams headed to Denver at the end of September to motivate the community to wash their hands — and remind the person next to them to do the same. The week of events were part of Spread Wellness, an education campaign from our client Georgia-Pacific Professional.
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We're Spreading Wellness, Not Germs

Get enMotion® - Join the Movement - Spread WellnessHere at HM&P our work with Georgia-Pacific Professional has led to the recent launch of a campaign entitled Spread Wellness. The campaign aims to create a movement of people who regularly wash their hands, dry them with a paper towel and ask the person next to them to do that same. With flu season upon us, we’re spreading the word about the importance of proper hand washing and drying to reduce the spread of germs.

As part of the campaign, you can sign up to be a Wellness Ambassador and receive a welcome kit and free wristband to help spread the word.  You can also download and print hand-washing signs for your office, school, or facility. Plus, if you want to request a touchless paper towel dispenser for a business or other public place, you can request one at the site.

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