In the Office

Keeping Up the Pace

One of the other interns in the office recently wrote about the Smart conference at UNC- Chapel Hill. She gave some great insight on what the conference discussed. It was a great time and I really hope they have more conferences at UNC about social media.

I wanted to share my thoughts on what Jeff Cohen talked about in his opening keynote. He focused on what the social media world was like in 2007, when most of us had just started college. The social landscape has changed so much in a short amount of time. We are graduating from college in a different online world than the one we started in.

Instead of talking about the change in the tools themselves, I want to discuss the challenge of keeping up with the constant changes.   More »

Practice, Practice & Perfect: The elevator pitch

Ah, the art of pitching – something businesses and individuals all look to perfect. Whether you are trying to sell a product, service or yourself, a good pitch is one of the keys to success. Getting your pitch down to an efficient science however, can be challenging. It can’t be too long, but at the same time needs to include all the important details. These details include who you are or what your service is and most importantly, why the person you are pitching should care.

When  it comes to perfecting pitches, the elevator is more than just a means of transportation; it is an ideal place to practice. Why? Because you do not have a lot of time to sell your pitch and there is nothing to focus on but the person you are pitching.

TechCrunch decided to have a little fun with the elevator pitch and launched a TechCrunch video project – The Elevator Pitch. More »

Saving seconds with Google Instant

When it comes to Google, it seems good things really do come in threes.

A few weeks ago, Google gave Gmail users the ability to make calls from their e-mail, last week, Google launched the Gmail Priority Inbox, and this week Google enhances its search abilities with Google Instant. More »

I don't have e-mail, I have Gmail

Reflecting back on the past couple of days, I realized that 70 percent of my conversations this week at my internship, school and beyond have revolved around Google. Why?

Two days ago, Google launched Priority Inbox. This new feature is an algorithm that studies your e-mail habits to prioritize and categorize the way you view your messages. For example, Gmail Priority will track who you e-mail the most (and vice-versa) and mark their messages as first priority. It also divides your messages into categories, such as: starred, important and unread. More »