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Week In Marketing: Social Media Complaints, Presidential Race, Advertising and Technology, Iconic Magazine Covers

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1. True: US Brand managers are ignoring the majority of complaints on Twitter and Facebook
Twitter and Facebook can be effective tools for addressing questions about a brand’s product or services. According to a new study by Socialbreakers, US brand managers are not take advantage of these opportunities. The study revealed that 80 percent of questions posed to United States companies on Twitter are ignored. That’s a 20 percent higher rate than on Facebook, where brand managers are more likely to answer customers’ questions. Socialbreakers arrived at the number after studying 6.5 million tweets and 1.4 million Facebook posts across 50,000 brands.

2. Caitlyn Jenner Cover becomes instantly Iconic
Vanity Fair made headlines this month with the release of its July 2015 cover, featuring a photograph of Caitlyn Jenner shot. Its image became a viral sensation. How does it compare with other “iconic” magazine covers like the Esquire cover showing Muhammad Ali as Saint Sebastian, or Rolling Stone’s Boston Bomber cover? The explosion of social media, magazine covers have a wider impact than ever before. Yet, in an age where print is being constantly subsumed by digital, the impact of a cover like “Call me Caitlyn” proves that the magazine still holds an important place in the media landscape, regardless of whether it’s being consumed on a newsstand or in an Instagram feed.

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65th Anniversary: Denise Lingenfelser on Changing Technology, HM&P Culture

Howard, Merrell & Partners_ Emotion in AdvertisingAs part of our 65th anniversary celebration, we’re spending time with long-tenured employees to learn more about Howard Merrell & Partners then and now. This week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Denise Lingenfelser, who has been with HM&P for 27 years, to learn more about how technology has changed her job and HM&P’s culture.

Imagine doing your job one way for years, then having to completely relearn it with little direction. That’s what happened to Denise. She currently works as a digital art production manager, but when she began her career, there was nothing “digital” about it!

“There were no computers when I started in the industry,” Denise said. “It would take weeks to do just my part on an ad or brochure.” More »

Welcome Jeff Swiatowicz, Our New Systems Administrator

We are excited to welcome the newest addition to the Information Technology Department – Systems Administrator, Jeff Swiatowicz.  In this role, Swiatowicz is responsible for supporting the agency’s computing assets, network operating systems and network infrastructure.

“Jeff joins us with a wealth of knowledge in supporting both Windows and Mac OS-based PCs.” explains Scott Piggott, senior vice president of Technology and Interactive Services at Howard, Merrell & Partners. “We look forward to taking advantage of Jeff’s knowledge in the mobile device space to enable remote access to agency assets by both clients and agency employees from any number of platforms.”

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Top Tweeted Technical Tip of the Day – HTML5

This fantastic article was just posted the first of this month and has a great collection of “25 HTML5 Features, Tips, and Techniques You Must Know” by Jeffrey Way on  I learned quite a bit from reading this article, which can be read in its entirety in less than 30 minutes without having to click links to other sites to get the “full” information.

A few of the things I learned which will save tons of time in future projects are: More »

WWDC Sold Out

Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference sells out for the third straight year in a record-breaking eight days. Not a good sign for Flash.

This Week in Technology: March 8-12

This Week in Technology: March 8-12

So much happened this week. Apple iPads went on pre-order, Microsoft lost another patent case, Canon made a travel mug that looks like a lens, and Playstation announced they’re going to rip-off the wii-mote.

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