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Weekly Wrap-Up #149

The evolution of storytelling, popular geotags and finding the most engaged users – all in this week’s wrap-up.

1. Pinterest – the new leader in social media?
New York magazine recently said that Facebook should be very intimidated by the rate at which Pinterest is growing. With their continual growth and improvements of the site, Pinterest is a hot spot for marketing. While the majority of users are female, the loyalty of users is unsurpassed by any other social media platform. Currently, the site is averaging about 53 million active users per month. Pinterest also has a 50 percent higher conversion rate than any other social media platform, making it ideal for brands looking to drive traffic to their sites.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #148

In this Weekly Wrap-Up, read about what companies are doing to build their brand awareness and increase sales this holiday season.

1. New York Subway Riders Able to Find Holiday Gifts During Commute
Earlier this week Amazon began advertising on the large digital kiosks that are located in the New York subway stations. These digital screens allow customers to swipe through holiday gifts to learn details about the product. If customers find a product they would like they can use the digital screen to scan a QR code or send a text message to their phone with a link of where to buy the product. The promotions will end on December 23rd, as that is the last day to purchase an item and receive it before Christmas.

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Andria Rosell Joins the Agency

Andria Headshot

A warm welcome to Andria Rosell, our newest member of the Howard/Merrell family. With her strong background in social media, public relations and integrated marketing, Andria joins us as a Senior Account Supervisor who will develop and execute strategic, innovative digital, social and PR programs for clients.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #147

This week’s wrap-up includes the latest with Whole Foods, Target, SnapChat, Spotify and User-generated content. Check it out:

Snapchat Creates Snapcash
Snapchat has teamed up with credit card processing company Square to allow users to transfer cash to each other. Snapchat’s money-spending service is not a surprise as the application has been expected to enter e-commerce for a while now. By swiping into chat, typing a dollar sign, and entering the amount, Snapcash provides users with a simple way to pay.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #146

From perfect bodies to server crashes to finally being able to edit captions, here’s what been going on this week.

1. Obama weighs in on the net neutrality debate
Obama posted a statement and video on Monday weighing in on the ongoing net neutrality debate. He stated that the Internet was founded on the principles of “openness, fairness, and freedom”, and he shared his intentions to protect the Internet. He calls for the Federal Communication Commission to recognize that the Internet is essential for communication and life. Obama’s statement has created an awkward relationship with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s statements. Obama appointed Wheeler in mid-2013, however the two are now advocating for different stances in the net neutrality debate.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #145

Urban Outfitters, The Gap and Taylor Swift…what more could you want in this week’s wrap up. Take a look:

1. Digital Adverting Spending Soon To Surpass TV
In 2016, U.S. advertisers will spend more on digital advertising than on TV, according to Forrester Research. Digital advertising is expected to reach $103 billion in 2019, which will account for 36 percent of all ad spending. With the economic recovery, advertisers now have more money to put into their digital budgets.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #144

Hot topics for this week: Halloween, politics and ebola. Check out the weekly wrap-up:

1. A Royal Tweet
The Queen of England sent her first tweet to commence the opening of an information technology gallery at the Science Museum. The tweet read “It is a pleasure to open the Information Age exhibition today at the @Science Museum and I hope people will enjoy visiting. Elizabeth R.” The message was sent from the British Monarchy’s account, which was formerly managed by palace officials. In May of this year, Prince Harry took to Twitter to share his excitement about the 2014 Invictus Games.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #142

Who is Instagram crazy? Who are the powerful political Twitter elite? What are the marketing strategies JetBlue and McDonald’s are instituting? Find out in this week’s wrap up.

1. World Leaders Rule on Twitter

Who are among are the most powerful political Twitter elite on the planet? President Barack Obama, Pope Francis, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indonesia’s Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Queen Rania of Jordan are among the Top 10. According to Adweek, when India’s new prime minister, Modi, took power five months ago, he actually stopped giving interviews to local reporters and instead tweeted his photo opps to his more than 7 million followers, ranking him just behind the pope in Twitter popularity.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #140

From new social research labs to new television shows, here’s what’s been going in this week!

1. Facebook Name Changes

Facebook has received a lot of negative attention lately due to their crack down on names, specifically from the LGBTQ community. Several months ago someone reported numerous Facebook profiles as being fake, which set off the censors for the automation process. Facebook then required every Facebook user to use their real name. Several drag queens from San Francisco have expressed their concern because they have used their stage name for years without issue. Facebook met and apologized to the drag queens. Chris Cox, the company’s chief product officer, stated the company is on its way to making changes to accommodate all its users.
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Weekly Wrap-Up #139

What are the stories behind these hashtags? #dontdriveanddrive, #bendgate, #budweiserdog, #trendsintechworld, #webrooming, #connectedcars Find out in the Weekly Wrap-Up!

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