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Weekly Wrap-Up #142

Who is Instagram crazy? Who are the powerful political Twitter elite? What are the marketing strategies JetBlue and McDonald’s are instituting? Find out in this week’s wrap up.

1. World Leaders Rule on Twitter

Who are among are the most powerful political Twitter elite on the planet? President Barack Obama, Pope Francis, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indonesia’s Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Queen Rania of Jordan are among the Top 10. According to Adweek, when India’s new prime minister, Modi, took power five months ago, he actually stopped giving interviews to local reporters and instead tweeted his photo opps to his more than 7 million followers, ranking him just behind the pope in Twitter popularity.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #140

From new social research labs to new television shows, here’s what’s been going in this week!

1. Facebook Name Changes

Facebook has received a lot of negative attention lately due to their crack down on names, specifically from the LGBTQ community. Several months ago someone reported numerous Facebook profiles as being fake, which set off the censors for the automation process. Facebook then required every Facebook user to use their real name. Several drag queens from San Francisco have expressed their concern because they have used their stage name for years without issue. Facebook met and apologized to the drag queens. Chris Cox, the company’s chief product officer, stated the company is on its way to making changes to accommodate all its users.
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Weekly Wrap-Up #139

What are the stories behind these hashtags? #dontdriveanddrive, #bendgate, #budweiserdog, #trendsintechworld, #webrooming, #connectedcars Find out in the Weekly Wrap-Up!

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Weekly Wrap-up #137

There were a number of interesting headlines this week involving Budweiser, Royal Baby #2, Ray Rice and the announcement of Apple’s new products. Read more in our weekly wrap-up.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #136

What is behind #Onegoodreason and #AsteroidMission? Find out about these hashtags and more in the weekly wrap-up.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #135

What company let its executive eat pasta off a subway floor? Do you know what event-television is? Read this week’s wrap up to find the answers.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #131

Find out what brands are getting ahead and what companies are getting behind in this week’s industry news.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #129

Check out this week’s wrap up to find out what the latest studies are saying and how brands are getting ahead.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #128

From American Apparel to the CIA, it’s been a week of social media controversies. Get all the details in the latest edition of the weekly wrap-up.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #126

Take a glimpse into the future of advertising and catch up on your industry news with the latest edition of the weekly wrap-up.

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