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1. So Budweiser Didn’t Ask Peyton Manning To Promote Its Brand?
At the end of the Super Bowl on Sunday, Peyton Manning claimed that to celebrate his win he would “kiss his wife, hug his family and drink a lot of Budweiser.” Viewers disliked what seemed like an obvious sponsorship plug, saying it was a poor way to end his football career. However, Budweiser tweeted they were unaware the company’s shoutout would be occurring. As it turns out, Peyton owns shares in Anheuser-Busch distributorships, so when the company is successful, he profits.

2. Twitter Is Changing The Way It Does News Feeds
Twitter will be offering users an algorithm-based ‘catch-up’ news feed that picks the top tweets a user missed since the last time logging in. The algorithm will be based off of only organic social interactions, meaning that promoted tweets will not have an advantage in whether or not they are picked for this new and condensed feed. What this means is that companies with naturally larger reaches are likely to see more organic growth, as some of their non-promoted tweets get extra views through the new news feed. This ‘catch-up’ feed will be in addition to Twitter’s original reverse-chronological news feed, and users will have to manually turn on the function.

3. And The Super Bowl Commercial Winners Are…
AdWeek ranked its top five favorite Super Bowl commercials. Coming in fifth place is the Doritos commercial, “Ultrasound”; in fourth place is the Heinz Ketchup “Wiener Stampede”; third place is the Audi “Commander”; second place is T-Mobile’s “Restricted Bling”; and first place is Jeep “Portraits”. Jeep’s commercial aired at the half time, and showed a series of photos that told the story of Jeep’s history.

4. Facebook Enhances Videos For Sound-Off Environments
Facebook will automatically be putting captions on videos to increase views from people browsing in a sound-off environment. Facebook found that 80% of people react negatively when video ads begin playing loudly, and it wanted to find a way to improve responses without eliminating the meaning of the video. By putting captions on videos, Facebook has found through initial testing that view time increases by an average of 12%. Facebook hopes to bring more videos to its news feed that are visually enticing and less reliant on sound through its new tactics.

5. Taco Bell Uses Local Angles To Reveal New Menu Item
Taco Bell switched up marketing tactics for its Super Bowl reveal of its new menu item. In addition to its national commercial, it hired local celebrities from cities around the nation to promote the new quesalupa. The chosen local celebrities are known for being so quirky, they’re memorable. Deutsch L.A. Executive Creative Director Brett Craig said they chose the local celebrities to make it seem like everyone in the community was talking about it.

Weekly Wrap-Up #146

From perfect bodies to server crashes to finally being able to edit captions, here’s what been going on this week.

1. Obama weighs in on the net neutrality debate
Obama posted a statement and video on Monday weighing in on the ongoing net neutrality debate. He stated that the Internet was founded on the principles of “openness, fairness, and freedom”, and he shared his intentions to protect the Internet. He calls for the Federal Communication Commission to recognize that the Internet is essential for communication and life. Obama’s statement has created an awkward relationship with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s statements. Obama appointed Wheeler in mid-2013, however the two are now advocating for different stances in the net neutrality debate.

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H/M Wall Logo

You think it’s easy painting a big, green circle on the corner of a wall. Luckily we had the awesome guys at Artcraft Sign Co to help us out.

Marketing That Grabs You


Remember when computers were something that stayed on a desk, weighed too much to carry, and tied up the phone line to access the Internet? Well as we know all too well, the days of reliance on stationary desk computers are long gone, and we are a mobile society with the Internet at our fingertips. While this carries a lot of benefits, there are undoubtedly some downfalls.

Take, for example, the world of advertising. The increased reliance on the internet provides a vast array of new advertising options and allows us the capability to reach people we could have never dreamed of years ago…. and this is great! However, it also means that every other ad agency now has that same capability. So, consumers have gone from seeing maybe ten to twenty advertisements per day, are now bombarded with hundreds on every Google search, Facebook browse, YouTube clip, and more. Therefore, now more than ever it is important for advertisers to catch peoples’ attention in a way that makes them stop, think, remember, and pursue.

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Orange Crush

We’ve had the opportunity to produce some great videos and TV spots for KIOTI. Here’s the latest, for their August sales meeting.

Isolating the KIOTI orange in the footage and pairing with a gritty, blues rock track gave just the right amount of energy and attitude to get dealers excited about the 15 new models.


Warning: Watching this video may lead to feet-tapping and head-nodding. You’ve been warned.





A shot from a shoot

Weekly Wrap Up #34

The weekend is just around the corner and the weatherman is predicting a balmy few days full of sunshine. However, if you need a break in between enjoying the gorgeous weather and soaking up some sun I highly recommend you take a minute to look over these little gems from inside the industry.

1.The 10 commandments of Pinterest for business

Pinterest is like the New York City of the Internet, a melting pot of everything wonderful ready to be pulled together for easy reference. For any company with a product to sell being the latest and greatest ingredient added to this pot can be a huge asset, but it’s also easy to get lost in the mix. For some tips on how to take the Pinterest world by storm try checking out the 10 Commandments of Pinterest for business.

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2.The 20 Most-Viral Ads of 2012 (So Far)

What do a dancing baby, an adorable animal, and an unsuspecting victim have in common? Easy, they’re all little nuggets of marketing gold. Nothing screams 21st century like a viral sensation, and nothing screams viral sensation quite like  dancing babies. This year has already racked up plenty of hits and the 20 most-viral ads of the year have already been conveniently combined. These ads are universal and truly genius. Don’t believe me? Check out #17. It turns out flash mob practical jokes are funny in every language.

3. 33 homophones that ensnare writers and speakers

All right don’t lie, we’ve all had those moments where we have to sneak over to Google and ask the inevitable is it sea or see…okay maybe not so much on that one, but nonetheless there are always those tricky homophones that seem to catch everyone now and then. Conveniently, did a lovely thing and combined 33 homophones that could trip up anyone.

4. 12 Keys to Success on Twitter

Tackling any social giant is a daunting task, but when they’re raking in millions of visitors a day it becomes a necessary evil to any good marketing campaign.  Twitter is one such beast that has to be utilized effectively to have any chance at reaching a desired audience.  Luckily there are resources, like this article, detailing some of the keys to success on Twitter.

5. 5 updates in the 2012 AP Stylebook

The Bible by any religious interpretation may have been written thousands of years ago, but for anyone in the Advertising/PR/Marketing fields there’s another bible, the AP Stylebook. Like almost every other aspect of the marketing world the Stylebook is struggling to stay “hip,” “with it,” “down,” or whatever it is they’re saying these days, and this year is no different. So if you’re trying to stay down-hip-and-with-it check out the five major updates in the 2012 Stylebook.



Weekly Wrap Up #26

We’ve had another exciting week here at HM&P. Like many of you, we spend some time looking at what’s going on these days. Here are 5 articles this week that caught our attention.

1. Instagram Purchased by Facebook for $1B

Yes, you read that correctly. ONE. BILLION. DOLLARS. Just last week we touted Instagram’s 1-million download mark, and one week later, the handful of employees from Instagram are sitting happily on a pile of cash! Instagram, which started in 2010 has grown incredibly and is easily one of the most used photo sharing applications for the iPhone, and now Android.

2. How do we do mobile?

AdWeek shows an infographic on how we use our mobile devices, including tablets. I’ll let the infographic speak for itself:

3. What makes a video go viral?

Mashable sat down with the partners of Seedwell who specialize in the production of viral videos and hit some key notes for a viral production. So what does make a video hit the top ranks on the web? The partners highlight three key points:

  1. Parody
  2. “cute as hell”
  3. Did that just happen?!

And of course… kitties!

YouTube Preview Image

4. Drinking Boosts Creativity

No, I don’t mean you can get sloshed before you create a pitch or concept a full-on marketing plan. A couple drinks, however, can help your problem solving skills. Why? Alcohol removes the natural inhibitions that we have reserved and don’t express because of years of “education.” See: How Schools Kill Creativity So enjoy a beer or two, and watch the creative juices flow!

5. Dads are on the rise in Social

With more and more men becoming stay at home fathers, the rise of dads flocking to social media sites and blogs is on its way! Brands are seeing more dads using Pinterest, creating blogs for their day-to-day life at home, and becoming a more vocal part of the social sphere. So how will you leverage these guys?

Weekly Wrap Up #14

From playoff games heard around the social media sphere – to a Today Show 60 Year anchor reunion – we’ve had a week of media highlights to remember.  2012 has already brought interest to a number of new tech tools, networking sites, and articles worth checking out. Explore some of the links below, and continue your new year with some online inspiration!

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Amazing pencil drawn animation

This artist is taking the moving picture game to another level in this amazing pencil-drawn animation filled with lots of talent, lots of running and cameos galore. His name is Qwaqa.