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WordPress made easy

WordPress is a website and blog hosting tool that we use frequently for our clients, and for our own blog here at HM&P.  For those learning the ropes of content management on WordPress there is an awesome “WordPress for Dummies-esque” guide available.  Easy WP Guide takes out the scary HTML, PHP or coding jargon and gives you a straight up guide to get things done.

You can download the guide and even follow on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest updates.


Editorial calendar mangement via WordPress

Developing content for blogs – valuable, useful content designed specifically for your business’ target audiences – puts an emphasis on content organization and time management. Cue the well-planned editorial calendar, a publishing world term that groups upcoming ideas for topics over a period of weeks and/or months. In the insta-world of blog publishing, editorial calendar planning can even be as specific as daily and, in some cases, hourly. More »

Social Media Day: Why Not Celebrate?

Start the countdown to June 30: Mashable has decided to celebrate the revolution of social media by organizing Social Media Day.

In cities all over the U.S., Mashable staff will be organizing meetups to celebrate the day. For more information, visit the Meetup Everywhere site. If there is not a scheduled meetup in your area, organize one through Meetup Everywhere. These meetups connect social media enthusiasts in the area and encourage people to get together and talk about their love of and experience with social media. Since social media has had such an impact on our lives and the ways we communicate, share news and conduct work, Mashable asks: why not celebrate? More »

Job Search: Tailoring your online presence to intended career path

Earlier this week, Jeff Cohen, social media marketing manager, and I were discussing my post about the benefits of an online presence.

Jeff reminded me while an online presence is important during a job search, it is critical to tailor your sites to your intended career path. An interviewer would be more impressed with a candidate’s blog about industry-related topics, opposed to a personal blog about sports. More »

Tara's Top Tweets of the Week – WordPress

Sorry for the delay in finally getting this post up; it’s definitely been longer than a week, more like a month, since my last post. This collection of links are all about WordPress, the most popular open source blog platform, which can also be used as a content management system for websites and not just blogs. This is in no way a comprehensive list of resources for WordPress since there are so very many good articles on the subject, but it is a collection of some of the better ones I have found within the last month. More »