Howard/Merrell is a full-service advertising and communications agency located in Raleigh, NC. We do advertising, all things digital, social media marketing, public relations, media planning and buying, research and strategic consulting. We do it well. And we do it all under one roof.

What Makes Us Different?

The breadth of our offerings and the talent of our people means we can do things other agencies aren’t doing. And can’t do. We can be more efficient and more effective. Our clients can get more of the things they need from one place. It simplifies their lives. And it allows the work to be better. That’s what it’s all about.

We’ve always believed that the best, most effective communication is inspired by unique insights into human emotion. It’s a science we’ve turned into an art, and we’ve found there’s no better way to profoundly transform a client’s business.

Our fluency in business strategy makes us unique. We don’t just solve marketing problems, we often times start upstream, in places most agencies would never dream of going. From there we can solve business issues, too.

Everything we do is integrated, from the way we work to the work we do.

We’re good people. Just ask our clients. It’s important because if you don’t enjoy working with your agency, then you should probably look for another one.