These days at Howard/Merrell, advertising takes on a wide range of forms – print, digital, television, online video, social, radio, direct response, guerrilla, ambient, trade show design, collateral, you name it. The audiences we’re talking to are just as diverse. No matter what it is or who we’re talking to, we’re driven by the same thing – an intense need to produce work that transforms the competitive landscape. Work that touches the soul and ignites an emotional reaction in people.


Our interactive department does more than build websites and banner ads. We have assembled a team of strategy, usability, creative, production, development and analytics professionals to create holistic digital strategies that leverage all available forms of digital media at the influence, engagement and transaction levels of the marketing funnel. We create user-centric interactive experiences that move people to engage with the brand and take action.

Public Relations

At Howard/Merrell, there’s much more to public relations than writing and distributing press releases. Our relationships with national, regional and local print, broadcast and online media, as well as with the trade press, get us the best results for our clients. In addition to garnering media coverage, we have a wealth of experience with speaking, employee communications, community relations programs and managing both large and small events.

Social Media

Social media marketing is not an afterthought at Howard/Merrell. Social media programs are not created in a vacuum because it’s a cool thing to do. We start at the strategy level and develop a social media approach that is integrated into everything else we do for clients. And it’s more than adding Twitter and Facebook icons to a print brochure. We make sure social media drives the same business objectives as other components in a campaign, but in a way that only social media can.


We don’t perceive target audiences as eyes and ears, we see them as human beings that make hundreds of choices each; some simple, some complicated. And, we value our client’s money as if it were our own. That completely changes the way we plan, buy and reconcile media. In fact, we post everything we purchase for our clients. Why? Because it is the right thing to do by our clients. It’s what they deserve. And, it makes us better at what we do. Fully accountable from plan to post.


As strategic leaders in all things analytical, we take the complicated and make it simple. With one line of code, we track each client’s integrated marketing efforts and deliver insights on how to maintain a consistent brand message while increasing sales. Providing our clients with key performance indicators is just the beginning. We follow-up, and address each metric, trend and optimization. In the ever-changing world of analytics and spotlight tags, we strive at delivering relevant digital solutions that our clients can use.


Here you’ll find professional psychologists and behavioral scientists that apply advanced techniques to get inside peoples’ heads and hearts. To understand what moves them on a subconscious level. When appropriate, we use behavioral analysis to quantify consumers’ priorities, and identify market opportunities and their potential value.

How Advertising Really Works

What are we trying to do when we create an ad? Are we inoculating our consumers with a belief in the brand? Are we trying to create recall? Purchase intent? Our unique approach to creativity flows from our original thinking about How Advertising Really Works.

Strategic Planning

Our senior managers work to offer clients a fresh perspective on how to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. We use proprietary research to identify competitive insights at the business strategy level, then convert these insights into strategic options that have long- wealth to businesses.


Consulting services most often focus on customer need analysis, new product ideation, brand concept validation, new brand pricing and positioning, mature brand repositioning, or line extensions that leverage existing brand equity. And sometimes, we evaluate competitive activities and market data to create a point-of-view that will help validate ideas or courses of action being considered by the client’s organization.