Using Social Media Marketing as Part of an SEO Campaign

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become one of the most effective marketing tools today, and companies that have been able to use it well have seen great results. Social media marketing is an important part of any SEO campaign. Failing to incorporate social media marketing to your SEO means you are not getting the best out of your campaign. Any expert SEO company you ask will tell you how social media marketing is good for an SEO campaign. Social media is important for SEO and you can see great results. Below are some ways you can use social media marketing for your SEO campaign.

Social media profiles rank on search engines

When you type the name of a brand in a search engine, then you can expect to see social media profiles along its official website. If you are able to rank at the top for not only the website but also social media profiles, then you can expect to see great results. You will become more visible than your competitors. It is a good idea to ensure all the social media profiles are active and engages with the audience consistently. You should put more energy on social media platforms that resonate with your prospective customers.

Inbound links

Social sharing is a great thing because it increases your inbound links. When someone sees something interesting online, they can share the link. This will help in increasing your inbound links, which is good for improving your credibility, but it will also help in showing how popular your content is.

Views and engagement

One of the easiest and most effective ways of pushing out SEO-based content is through social media. While the incoming links that come from the social media shares do not have the same impact as those from high-quality sites, but they can have a bigger impact on on-site engagement and bounce rate. If you have quality content on your website and people stick around to go through it, it communicates value to search engines.

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If you have quality content, then don’t be surprised when influential websites and influencers share your links. When they place the links on their website, it sends a good message to the search engines. It is hard to get this type of high-value link building from influencers without using social media.

Tweets from high-influence can have an impact on rankings

Credibility is everything when it comes to Google, and one way to establish yours is by building a social-media influence. The number of followers, likes, and shares on Facebook can reveal the influence of a given profile. The number of people you reach, relevance of content, and whether the people you are engaging with online have an influence on the platform will have an impact on your authority.

Search engines use social data to help in tracking “bad” links

Search engines have a problem when it comes to external links because they don’t know which ones have been specifically created for SEO, and which links show the true value of the content to the readers. The main goal of search engines is to provide their users with quality and relevant content, and they can learn a lot from social data.

Giving the audience what they want

You should take full advantage by giving your audience the type of content they like because it will go a long way in boosting your engagement. Facebook’s algorithm has been designed to show people what they like. This makes it very important to know what it is that the audience wants, and give them exactly that.

Facebook said that people find stories informative when they are related to their interests or if they have news about things around them. This can be anything from current global events, to recipes. To know the interest of your audience, test different images, headlines, and copy against the audience. You will see what they engage with more.

Reaching out to industry thought leader and influencers to get social links

Your content can reach a new and expanded audience when you have relationships with industry experts and opinion leaders. In order to see results when link building on social media;
Make the content easy to share, you should have the social media sharing buttons visible on your website. If you are mentioning or quoting someone on your post, then tag them when you share. Doing this will ensure you are giving proper credit and making sure they see your content, which they can then share with their audience.

Having an audience on social media helps reach prospective customers wherever they are

Social Media Marketing for Business

You might be having the best possible product or service, but if people don’t know about it, they can easily give up. Building it than hoping they come is no longer an option considering the competitiveness of today’s market. You need to reach people wherever they may be, and social media having billions of users and this means you need to give it attention. It has a global reach, sharing is easy, and social media has made it very easier for a brand to build their web presence and audience.

Gathering information about your audience through social media

Social media has made it easy for brands to find more information about their customers. Using social media as a research tool has become important for many businesses because you find information that you wouldn’t have found anywhere else. You can do an analysis of the demographics of your followers and how they interact. The real-time feedback you are going to get will give you the chance to optimize the content to meet the expectations of the customers. There are many different tools you can use; some examples are Audience Insights by Facebook and You will be able to learn more about your audience and also your competition. The information you find will help in creating a more effective marketing campaign.

Striking conversation with followers

Social media has made it easier to start a conversation with your target audience. Striking a conversation will be of value and will help in addressing pain points, useful tips, launch inquiries, and starting a general discussion and replay to the comments of your audience with relevant tips. Engage directly with the people in the conversation. This is important for creating and retaining an interactive community. You should try doing it within the shortest time possible because there was a study that showed 72% of customers said immediacy of response was important to them. This will help with your rankings and help you learn more about your customers.

Social media for boosting local SEO

Integrating social networks into local brand SEO strategies can be hard. But employing a little bit of thought and creativity can help you find an interesting and engaging way you can use social media to improve your conversion.

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You will have the chance of engaging with the local community and also help with ranking. The two common ways of achieving this are; making updates when involved in a local event and interacting with other brands on social media. When you attend any local events, festival, or tradeshow, take pictures and post them, and also invite local residents to comment. You will be more visible on local searchers and also reinforces your participation.

Optimizing your posts for searches

SEOThis strategy can be used for pre-existing content, but it will also open a secondary channel for search. Google tends to favor popular social media updates alongside news articles. This is a temporary position you can get to by ensuring that your posts have been properly optimized for this opportunity.

You will need to have a strong anchor for the post. This can be an infographic, video, or even a link. Whichever you choose, it is going to be the foundation, and you will need to give it a title that is descriptive and accurate. When posting it, frame the foundation using text that has been optimized for a given type of search. If you are writing a detailed article on making a pie, you can frame using a specific query such as “Have you ever wondered how you can make the perfect pie”. You can also throw in seasonal keywords because it will help in increasing your chances of appearing at the top of the search engine results.

Increasing brand awareness

This can seem more like a branding benefit more than SEO, but the benefit for your SEO efforts is sign fact. When you increase your reputation online using high-quality content and engagement, it leads to increased online brand presence. The increased brand presence will lead to more branded searches, which will lead to improved ranking for non-branded keywords.

Social media has continued to be an important part of any marketing campaign. With the right strategy, you will get great results. Adding social media marketing to your campaign is one of the best things you will do for your business. You can talk to an expert to help you integrate social media marketing to your campaign.