A Social Media Marketing Strategy for Roofers Company in Chester

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In the 21st-century, no business can afford not to be on social media. In fact, in today’s times, there are over 2 billion people using social media daily. It’s become as natural to our lives as eating and sleeping. For a roofers company in Chester, England, being on social media can make all the difference. There’s competition in Chester and surrounding areas. Therefore, it’s important that you do what you can to make your business stand out. Increasing traffic to a site is easy, but making sure that the traffic is targeted traffic, something that actually increases sales, is much more difficult. Use the tips below to get quality visitors from social media to your website, people who are much more likely to buy your roofing Chester service. Here is a social media marketing strategy for roofers company in Chester.

1. Focus on Two Social Media Sites

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To get started with social media for a roofers company in Chester, you’ll need to choose two social media sites. Quality is more important than quality in this step. If you try to be on all of the social media sites, chances are you will not be as powerful on them than if you were to put all of your efforts into two of them. For a roofers company in Chester, focusing on two dominant social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, is a good choice. You’ll find that Facebook has over two billion users and Twitter has over 328 million users. They have enough visitors to get your site noticed. So choose these two significant sites or pick at least one of these along with another site, such as Instagram. Do not focus on social media sites that are not popular. Go with the sites that attract the most people.

2. Comment, Refollow and Retweet

As you get established on social media, it’s crucial for you to do more than just market. If you’re not taking an interest in your visitors, they won’t take an interest in you. As stated above, there’s a lot of competition out there. People like it when a company takes an interest in them. There are many ways that you can do that on social media. First, always respond to any questions that have been asked on your social media sites. You can do that either by responding in the comments or by private message. If a customer has asked a question in the comment section, be sure to answer in the comment section. The question that you’ve answered could be a question that others have as well. Also, be sure to refollow and retweet. This is another way to show that you’re interested in others. Retweeting, for example, means that you are sharing content from other’s Twitter feeds on your feed. When you share content from a competing business, for example, that business may do the same for you.

3. Look for Niches

You’re a roofing company in Chester. What kinds of people will be interested in what you have to sell? It’s more than just individuals or businesses who need new roofs. You could also target people interested in buying a house or people interested in purchasing a company. Roofing comes into play with these niches.

4. Supply Interesting Content

3D Social Media IconsA major part of social media is to supply content that entices a visitor to want to learn more. As a business, there’s no point in having a presence on social media unless you turn visitors into customers who will buy your products and services. To do that, you’ll need to supply exciting content. You are a roofer in Chester. What material can you provide regarding roofing that will be interesting for the public? Give your followers something your competition doesn’t. It’s one thing to post about the roofs you offer, but what else can you do? Can you offer your followers a contest? Can you run a live question and answer session? Can you provide photos of beautiful roofs in Chester that you’ve accomplished? Can you post information about Chester that your customers would find interesting? Get creative with your social media posts. With this content, be sure to include a URL that brings people back to your website.

5. Promote Your Social Media Accounts

You’re on at least Facebook and Twitter. Be sure you have promoted your social media on your website, at your physical business, on your business cards, on any TV or radio commercials, and anywhere else you can. Many people will go to a social media site before they go to a company’s website. That’s just how important social media has gotten in the 21st-century.

6. Keep Track of Your Visitors

Chester MapYou should be including a URL with all of your social media posts that brings people to your website. To keep track of the URL, connect the URL with a tracking system. There are many different kinds of tracking systems available, such as the one at Google. Research and choose the one that works for you. This is the best way to determine if your social media efforts are effective.

7. Consider Hire a Social Media Professional

Getting started on social media and becoming prominent not only takes time, but it also takes work. Does your roofing company in Chester have what it takes to get this process off and running? If not, you should hire a social media professional to get the process moving. In addition, if the setup has been done correctly, you may want to retain the professional to run the social media site on your behalf.

Spend as much time as possible building your network and communicating with your visitors. This is how you not only build a following but also build trust. When people trust you enough to want to learn more about what you offer, that’s how you build your business. Social media is great for that. Follow the tips in this article and consider hiring a social media professional to save you time.