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Howard/Merrell is a full-service advertising and communications agency located in Raleigh, NC. We do advertising, all things digital, social media marketing, public relations, media planning and buying, research and strategic consulting. We do it well. And we do it all under one roof.
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Neuromarketing: The Secret to Advertising that Works

Ever wished you had mind-reading powers? Surely there isn’t a marketer out there who hasn’t dreamed of knowing exactly what consumers are thinking at any given time. Well, the team at Howard/Merrell doesn’t claim to have superhuman abilities, but we’ve certainly got the next best thing: Neuromarketing Research. Neuromarketing research has changed the way that we […]

Week In Marketing: Wimbledon, World Cup, Millennials Reading, Coke’s New Site and Same-Sex Marriage

1. Brands are boosting fan engagement at Wimbledon Stella Artios, Jaguar and Evian are leveraging hi-tech products to boost fan engagement at the Wimbledon Championship. Jaguar is handing out biometric wearable devices to crowds that measure energy and excitement levels during the tournament. An infographic with the collected data will be shown live across billboards […]