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Howard/Merrell is a full-service advertising and communications agency located in Raleigh, NC. We do advertising, all things digital, social media marketing, public relations, media planning and buying, research and strategic consulting. We do it well. And we do it all under one roof.
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Peyton’s Plug, Twitter Feed, Super Bowl Ads, Facebook Videos and Local Marketing

1. So Budweiser Didn’t Ask Peyton Manning To Promote Its Brand? At the end of the Super Bowl on Sunday, Peyton Manning claimed that to celebrate his win he would “kiss his wife, hug his family and drink a lot of Budweiser.” Viewers disliked what seemed like an obvious sponsorship plug, saying it was a […]

Week In Marketing: Super Bowl Ads, Twitter Emojis, Ellies, Cable News, Diet Coke Campaign

1. Creative Trends to Look Out for this Super Bowl In light of several recent scandals and blunders, it’s no wonder that consumers have become more cynical about marketing. Many brands are counting on their Super Bowl ads to redeem themselves or revitalize their brand. But with so much money and viewership on the line, […]